Quang Ninh: Units participating in OCOP create jobs for nearly 4,000 employees
15:30 - 29/02/2020
(VNFU Portal) - Promoting initial results, and in order to continue developing the program “One commune, one product” OCOP) in a sustainable manner, recently People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province has issued a written approval on the the list of key OCOP products at the provincial level and guided the OCOP products at national level in the 2018-2020 period.

Accordingly, the list of OCOP’s key product chains at provincial level of Quang Ninh includes 12 products: Yen Duc village tourism and tourism product on village cultural experience;  fine art ceramics;  Quang Hanh natural mineral water and products from Quang Hanh mineral water;  cuttlefish and products from cuttlefish;  Morinda officinalis and its products;  Duong Hoa tea and its products;  oysters and products from oysters;  Binh Lieu bean thread noodle;  Ha Long pearls and products made from pearls;  Mong Cai pigs and products from Mong Cai pigs;  yellow flower tea and yellow flower tea products;  Tien Yen chicken and Tien Yen chicken products.

Particularly, Quang Ninh has implemented the OCOP Quang Ninh Products Promotion Consumption Week in 2018 for 3 days / week (on weekends of the month) by way of mobile events series in many localities such as Dong Trieu Town, Quang Yen, Hai Ha District, Mong Cai City and Cam Pha, etc.
This activity has directly supported enterprises, cooperatives and facilities manufacturing OCOP products in expanding consumption markets in traditional markets, industrial parks and residential areas. 
In addition, to expand and develop OCOP Program, Quang Ninh also implemented support mechanism to bring OCOP products into centers, selling locations and introduce OCOP products in each locality.
Therefore, the purchasing of OCOP products is also becoming easier.  As a result, the facilities at the product selling locations has been gradually invested to be firm, spacious, polite and modern, meeting the demands of consumers, domestic and foreign tourists.
Up to present, the province has in total 167 enterprises, cooperatives, production households and 421 products participating in the OCOP Program, of which 196 have been rewarded stars (8 5-star products, 62 4-star products and 126 3-star products); completes the labeling of electronic traceability labels for over 90% of OCOP products.  The province has 32 centers and selling locations of OCOP products in total.

Quang Ninh Province continues to increased its support for branded products, OCOP products which have initially accessed the market, all of which meet the standard on food hygiene and safety, designs, labels, packaging, etc. origin and are declared to comply with the standards or relevant  regulations.

At present, a large number of products such as: Cai Rong fish sauce, Binh Lieu bean thread noddle, Ha Long squid sausage, etc. have gradually asserted a firm position in the market from stable consumption at BigC supermarket system,  convenience store chains, clean agricultural products stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Revenue from OCOP products in Quang Ninh has continuously increased over the years.  Particularly, in 2018, revenue from OCOP products of the whole province is estimated to reach VND 500 billion, up nearly 10% compared to 2017.
Organizations, units and enterprises participating in OCOP program have directly created jobs for nearly 4,000 employees with an average income of VND 5 - 9 million / person / month.
In addition to the achievements attained, in the practical situation in Quang Ninh, the economy in rural areas has not yet been developed in line with the inherent potentials and strengths.  For many years, the income and life of the rural people were low, production were mainly at household scale, labor productivity and farming value per unit area were low.
The local products are mainly preliminary processed, not yet thoroughly processed. Packaging and design of product are still simple and bear no  trademark;  the principal consumption markets are in the locality;  The number of enterprises and cooperatives operating in the agricultural sector is not much, falling to meet the conditions of the manufacturers.
In the future, all levels, sectors and localities in Quang Ninh will continue to implement supporting policies, create a business environment truly suitable for the development of the “One commune, one product” Program.
Of which, concentrating mainly on removing difficulties on land policies, credit, loan procedure simplification;  At the same time, to give the priority to practical solutions from science, technology and market for organizations, units and enterprises participating in OCOP program to have the most favorable conditions in production development, market expansion and improvement of economic and social efficiency.
Phuong Ha translated by My Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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