Farmers’ Unions at all levels participate in supporting the prevention and cure of Covid-19 pandemic
11:08 - 26/03/2020
Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union mobilized officials and civil servants to send messages to 1407 switchboard (with the support of 20,000 VND / person / message) to support the prevention and cure of Covid-19 pandemic.

Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union offered medical face masks to Tien An Secondary School
The provincial Farmers’ Union has strictly implemented regulations on wearing face masks in public places and in conferences; equipped the office with masks, antiseptic hand sanitizers, regularly cleaned the office, office desks; propagandized and guided members and farmers about disease prevention and control measures with the slogan "Every citizen is a soldier on the front of disease prevention and cure"; improved the self-awareness of members and farmers in protecting the health of themselves and the community, including but not limited to restrict the gathering in crowded places, to wear masks when going out, and often wash hands with soap or liquid germicide.
Ha Tinh provinceCan Loc district Farmers’ Union has promoted propaganda, dissemination and guidance to members and farmers about epidemic prevention and control measures; mobilized family members and farmers to voluntarily declare health condition or detect and report cases of outbreaks from epidemic areas in other countries, or in provinces or cities with epidemics to local authorities and health authorities; organized hygiene, disinfect in residential areas, arranged antiseptic hand sanitizers and sprayed anti-epidemic chemicals at the workplace.
Leaders of Can Loc district Farmers’ Union encourage local residents and their children who is kept in quarantine for Covid-19 prevention at My Loc commune

In addition, the Standing Committee of the District Farmers’ Union also mobilized officials, members and farmers to support food and food products; send its officials to participate in cooking for people who are kept in quarantine at locality; deducting the budget to buy mineral water, instant noodles (worth VND 3 million) to share and encourage local task forces and people in quarantine in My Loc and Xuan Loc communes.
Quang Nam provinceCity Farmers’ Union has paid visits and offered gifts to local task forces for Covid-19 prevention and cure. Accordingly, the delegation visited and encouraged 5 quarantine points in the city, including: The quarantine areas at the branch of Vietnam Farmers’ Union Staff School in Central and Central Highlands region; at Hoi An beach resort; City Health Center; City General Hospital; Quick response team in the city. Here, representatives of the City Mass Mobilization Committee and the Farmers’ Union gave their regards to and shared the difficulties with officials, soldiers, physicians and doctors who are serving in the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemics; presented a gift worth VND 30 million to the task force at 5 isolated points.
Ninh Thuan province: A mission of the provincial Farmers’ Union gave 1,350 kilograms of food (including cabbages, pumpkins) with a value of nearly 10 million dongs to members, farmers in Van Lam 3 village, Phuoc Nam commune, Thuan Nam district who are kept in quarantine. This is meaningful activities of the provincial Farmers’ Union in order to support its members with efforts to stamp out Covid-19 pandemic.


The scene of offering ceremony of food to farmers in Van Lam 3 village

Nguyễn Thu - Trí Thức - Nguyễn Văn Sung - Xuân Nông - Translated by Ngoc Anh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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