Dien Bien Farmers’ Union: Professional groups and branches support members in hunger eradication and poverty alleviation
15:31 - 21/04/2020
With the "5 things to do together" criterion, Tua Chua District Farmers’ Union has established professional groups and branches in accordance with the local characteristics so that members and farmers can learn from each other, exchange experiences, build effective business models.

Tua Chua tea

In March 2020, Tua Chua district had a professional branch of Shan Tuyet tea collection and care in Sin Chai village; a professional branch of corn growing in Lang Sang 1 Village (Ta Sin Thang Commune); a professional branch of high-yielding cassava production in Huoi Long village (Huoi So commune) ... When participating in professional groups and branches under the district Farmers’ Union, members, farmers are trained in scientific and technical knowledge, market information, types of varieties; shared experiences in production, sales and product consumption.
Established in 2014, 7 branches of goats breeding includes 99 households in raising 1,022 goats. In the process of raising animals, the households were conscious of caring and preventing diseases for goats. They have 461 goats sold  with the return of VND 849 million VND and 289 goats for meat, 719 children remained.
The branch of Shan Tuyet tea collection and care in Sin Chai village, Sin Chai commune has 14 members planting nearly 50ha of tea. Mr. Mua A Pang – Head of the branch said: When establishing a branch of Farmers’ Union, members have access to science and technology, save costs in investment and care, get quality control and output price control. At the same time, they can exchange and share experiences on production, business, market information, implement link of “6 parties” under the value chain, improve productivity, quality and value of agricultural products.

The professional group of a reproductive cow and goats breeding in Pao Tinh Lang 2, Sin Chai commune was established in March 2019 with 3 members. At the beginning, there were only 3 cows and 5 goats, then increased to 6 cows and 14 goats. This is one of the typical group in animal husbandry in the area. Mr. Giang A Vong- Head of Group said: Previously, the animals were mostly let loose, so the care and prevention of diseases was limited. When joining the professional group, the members actively shared experiences with investing in breeding facilities, planting grass, corn for food, so the cattle herds are well-grown, bringing high economic value.
The professional branch of cassava production in Nam Binh hamlet, Kan Ho cluster has 44 households participating in planting nearly 40ha for high yield, give farmers earnings of 50 - 70 million per ha per year.
Chairman of the district Farmers’ Union Nguyen Ngoc Tuan said: The economic models of the professional groups and branches have brought about positive effects, contributing to changing the mindsets of farmers in production, promoting economic development and new rural construction.

Nguyen Tuyet - Translated by Ngoc Anh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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