VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung visited and worked with Yen Bai Farmers’ Union: Focusing on eco-tourism development
22:26 - 20/08/2020
(VNFU Portal) - "The provincial Farmers’ Union need to focus on developing ecotourism from tea trees, building professional branch" - That is one of the directions of Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Central Party Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union at the meeting with Yen Bai Farmers’ Union in the afternoon of August 20th.

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Central Party Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union spoke at the meeting with Yen Bai Farmers’ Union

Spoken at the meeting, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung emphasized 5 pieces of work that Yen Bai Farmers’ Union should focus on including developing an ecotourism system, in which “selling tea is secondary, developing tourism is primary”; establishing professional branch, through which it aims to lead and direct farmers to well implement the Party's guidelines and policies as well as the State's laws.
In addition to tea, Yen Bai needs to develop its specialties bearing local imprints and advantages such as: sticky rice, cattle and poultry; coordinate with businesses to increase value and seek outputs for agricultural products; organize study tours to learn experiences in building effective economic models in other regions...

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Central Party Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union visit Yen Bai Commission for Mass Mobilization

In order to respond to situations of pandemic and climate change, the provincial Farmers’ Union should coordinate with functional agencies to guide farmers in changing the crop structure, restructuring agriculture in an appropriate direction.
Comrade Thao Xuan Sung also suggested the provincial Farmers’ Union to review the list of provincial reporters and communicators; to set up a project to borrow money from the Supporting Fund for Farmers to build a net house for hi-tech agricultural production at the office of the provincial Farmers’ Union.
At the meeting, Comrade Giang A Cau, Chairman of Yen Bai Farmers' Union reported to the VNFU Delegation on a number of targets achieved by the Provincial Farmers' Union in recent years, and received guidance by Chairman Thao Xuan Sung.
He also reported a number of difficulties and problems in the implemention of its tasks, for example, the limited addition of fund for the Supporting Fund for Farmers from the local budget, leading to the fact that financial resource for supporting farmers is limited, has not met the needs of members and farmers.

Some results achieved by all levels of Yen Bai Farmers' Union in recent years:
According to the report of the Provincial Farmers' Union, up to now, it has completed to set up 31 models (in which 14 models in 6 communes are expected to reach new rural standards by 2020); helped a village with special difficulties to build a new rural area.
The Provincial Farmers' Union has instructed district level Farmers' Union to coordinate with Party Committee and local authorities to review and help villages with special difficulties to build new rural areas. As a result, there are 05 villages being registered to strive to achieve new rural standards in 2020.
The Provincial Farmers' Union also directs the grassroot level Farmers' Union to propagate, strive to build 65 effective models of agricultural production and business, focusing on local strengths such as cinnamon, mulberry, raising cattle and poultry, general service ... associated with developing cooperatives / cooperative groups. Up to now, 49 effective models have been completed (reaching 133% of the assigned target).
As of July 2020, the Provincial Farmers' Union has mobilized and supported the establishment of 08 cooperatives (reaching 160% of the assigned target) and 100 cooperative groups (reaching 200% of the assigned target).
In addition, the Provincial Farmers' Union at all levels have reviewed and registered to support 109 member households and farmer households to escape from poverty by 2020.

Thanh Hoa - Translated by N.A
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