How to prevent the vironmental pollution for craft villages in Hanoi
14:00 - 15/03/2015
he craft villages in Hanoi are facing with increasingly environmental pollution. These villages of agro-processing, wine, slaughter cattle, poultry, silk, textile, lacquer, ride bamboo, rattan, plastic recycling, paper … caused water, land and air pollutions because of their production activities.

Environmental monitoring results in some villages shown that most of these villages have high levels of dust in comparison with the permitted standards; most of the water does not treat wastewater, it discharged directly into the environment. Biochemical levels of pollutants CDO, BOD5, SS ... beyond standard allows for dozens times. The metal trade village of Thanh Thuy (Thanh Oai), processed agricultural products village at Cat Que, uong Lieu (Hoai Duc) ... are the typical of the dust, noise, waste water pollution villages.

In order to solve the problems of environmental pollution in villages, Hanoi’ People Committee had set up the supporting policy for the development of the industry and trade villages. Hanoi focused on moving the polluted villages out of the city to the industrial zones. Hanoi Natural Resource and Environmental Department actively coordinated with relevant agencies and authorities to carry out the program, projects, find solutions for these problems.  Among many programs, projects on solving pollutions, it needs to mention about the State Management Project on environment for provincial level supported by Canadian Government. This project consists of different components on capacity building on management for environmental management agencies to effectively manage industrial pollution and implement pilot environmental management with the participation of village community in the Thanh Thuy metals village. The superiority of this model is the involvement of the community in the protection of the environment in the village

According to Dan Viet – Translated by: Mai Huong

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