The efficiency of model combining breeds with cultivation.
14:00 - 15/03/2015
(VNFU’s website) Visiting the model combining breeds with cultivation of Mr. Bui Van Nhuong’s household in Sao Bac Hamlet, Sao Bay Commune, Kim Boi District (HoaBinhProvince) is a chance for us to witness perseverance and will of a Muong land’s person. From empty hands, with his own labour, he has built up an effective economic model bringing nearly 100 million dong income per year.


He received us in a house on stilts- or a “general headquarter” as in his humorous saying. He expressed: “In former days, I faced hundreds of difficulties. Lacking productive land even made us hunger every between-crop period. Realizing the plentiful fallow land that forbears left, I thought it was necessary to improve it, change it into productive land. Think and do, I and my family reclaimed untilled hills, weeds, rank forest trees becoming productive land for breeds and cultivation. Up to present, on 8000m2 land, I has invested in breeding poultry, sow, buffalo and growing fruit trees, short-day crops such as Japanese melon,China squash, musk-melon…”

He guided us to breeding area to look at his “fascinating” poultry. Now, he breeds around 200 local “walking chicken” each brood. In order to have knowledge in breeding to prevent epidemic diseases, he has studied through books, newspaper and instruction of Commune agricultural extension staffs. Another important thing is that having experience summing up from the family’s practical production and having real love with animals. Thanks to grasping process from building breeding facilitates and looking after to vaccinating within prescribed time, his poultry grows rapidly without yearly epidemic diseases. Hence, Mr. Nhuong’s income from breeding poultry (minus spending) is over 40 million dong a year. Not only breeds, on that extensive land, he grows Japanese melon,Chinasquash, musk-melon bringing 50 million dong per year. This is remarkable income for poor household in the commune likeSaoBay. Not stopping there, as mechanizing agriculture trend, he invested in buying harrows, rice mills serving production and demand of Commune people.

It can be said that from a bare-handed farmer, with strong will and aspiration to enrich in his own countryside, Mr. Nhuong has changed uncultivated plain, barren hills and mountains into economic farmhouse with high economic efficiency. Up to now, the farmhouse combining breeds with cultivation of Mr. Bui Van Nhuong Nhuong’s family has developed for more than 10 years. Every year, his household markets hundreds of chickens, ducks; hundreds of tons Japanese melon, musk-melon… bringing a hundred of million dong income. He is commended by Sao Bay Commune People’s Committee as an excellent economic developing household in local village, hamlet. His farmhouse model deserves to be studied and followed by the commune people.

Dinh Thuy - Hoa Binh AgriculturalExtensionCenter.

Translator: Mai Huong

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