The role of the Farmer’s Union at all levels in preserving and promoting the nation’s cultural identity
14:00 - 15/03/2015
Culture is the spiritual foundation of society, is both the goal and the driving force of economic-social development. In the past 15 years, the Farmer’s Unions at all levels have always defined that: "promoting farmers in the new era is the overall objective of promoting culture in rural areas" in the implementation of the National Resolution 5 (VIII) and has achieved some important results.

Speaking at the conference of 15 years review of the implementation of the Resolution, Mr. Trinh The Khiet - Chairman of Hanoi Farmers’ Union shared: "Hanoi has the largest number of farmers throughout the country with 4.2 million people. With the specific characteristics of the Capital is home to the national culture and imported world cultures; in order to integrate without dissolving, Hanoi Farmers’ Union has developed 5 standards of elegant and civilized Hanoi farmers including: elegant, savvy, energetic, sentimental and disciplined. The results and the content of democracy, the movement, the annual bonus are released monthly on newsletter of the City Farmers' Union sent to the branches. Additionally, the City Farmers’ Union also propagandizes members to raise the awareness of human health protection in agricultural production such as bringing only safe products to markets; mobilizes farmers to raise awareness of environmental protection of wastewater, rubbish; currently, it is  gradually put into place."


Currently, there are over 10 thousand people die of traffic accidents annually. Statistically, only from the 4th to the end of Lunar New Year, there is a surge in traffic accidents in rural areas. Therefore, also according to him, it is needed to add traffic culture in cultural propaganda and mobilization of farmers in order to raise awareness, focus on safety measures such as wearing a helmet ... on roads in the rural areas. He also proposed Vietnam Farmers' Union to develop an annual program to launch a movement on building a cultural life for the whole country to join while strengthening the inspection and learning experience.


According to the chairman of the Son La Farmer’s Union, Mr.Hoang Suong said: "The region is a mix between the ethnic cultures living together, the interference between the ethnic cultures will create many positive factors to promote economic - social and cultural characteristics between regions, it is a need to regularly propagandize, mobilize members and farmers to be united, preserve and promote the diverse cultural identity of ethnics. He also proposed that the cultural daily activities should be linked to  economic-social development mission suitable with each region and ethnic; make specific regulation on civilized lifestyle implemetation, the wedding, funerals, festivals; care about using ethnic languages to propagandize on the mass media at the ethnic regions, gradually improve enjoyment of culture between regions ... Besides, he also shared experience on maintaining and developing mass culture in the province with 2233 art troupes established in villages by the people; take advantage of the role of the village patriarch who are reputed to propagandize and mobilize their members, farmers; and also integrated the propaganda with national target programs ... ".


Chairman of Ninh Binh Provincial Farmers’ Union want to mobilize additional resources to preserve and promote the cultural heritage in the area. She also shared experiences that Provincial Farmers’ Union mobilized their farmer members to build a civilized lifestyle in marriage with 6-no model (no smoking, no lavish table, no performance after 22h, no traffic violation, no more than 1 and a half day wedding and no gambling); socialization of cultural activities, mobilizing farmers to build new countryside; encouraging pioneer and examplary manners of officials and party members in promoting typical model of the cultural movements...


Mr. Dinh Van Toan - President of Lao Cai Provincial Farmers’ Union gave recommendations to the State to issue policies on supporting funds for cultural-artistic activities, particularly in ethnic minority areas.


Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Farmers’ Union, Mr. Nguyen Van Phung introduced cultural activities in grassroot level with many practical models. Notably, there was an activity on mobilizing farmers to produce good business to help poor farmers, experience difficulties, capital, seeds...; build 3-no branches: no crime, no drugs, no prostitution; building the typical farmers of the city, building cultural neighborhoods, villages; farmer to farmer vocational training, agricultural development associated with eco-tourism; building cultural institutions, cultural houses, cultural centers from which to raise awareness of the whole society about the importance of the construction and development of advanced culture imbrued with national identity in the area ...


Farmers play a very important role in preserving the cultural identity of the people of Vietnam in the current international integration. It can be confirmed that after 15 years of implementing Resolution of the 5th Conference (term VIII) of Vietnam Farmers’ Union, the awareness of staff, members, farmers of culture has been increasing comprehensively, profoundly, contributing to promote the work of the Union and farmer movements in developing the country.


Manh Duc

Translated by Nguyen Thanh Trung

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