Finding the solutions for selling agro-products: The VNFU need to act stronger
14:00 - 15/03/2015
“Solutions for selling agro-products” is a theme of the seminar organized by VNFU in Can Tho City. Vice Chairperson Nguyen Hong Ly chaired this seminar

Good agro-products but hard to sell

Mr. Nguyen Son Tung, Vice Chairman of Can Tho City Farmers’ Union said: “At present, not only in Can Tho but also in the provinces and cities in the Me Kong Delta region, it is difficult for fruit farmers to sell their products because of product dumping from other countries”.

In the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, former Director of Southern Fruit Institute said: “Many foreigners who came to the Mekong Delta region tasted many kinds of fruit such as mango, grapefruit, banana, papaya, dragon fruit…and they praised very much. Recently, the export value is high. Particularly, in 2013, it was the first time that Vietnam exported fruits and vegetables with value of more than USD 1 billion. This proves that our State has a lot of effort to export our agro-products to other countries. Despite of this, in fact, there have been many difficulties because many agro-products have not been suitable to the market due to not enough linkages”.  

“At present, the enterprises have not enough material zones; lack of quality and quantity of seeds in localities, even for the big field models; the trade mark for our rice is not clear because of various rice seeds which are impacted by many factors which can change the nature of seed; the linkages between farmers and enterprises are weak” shared Mr. Luu Hong Man, Vice Director of Cuu Long Dental Rice Research Institute. 

VNFU need to fulfill its responsibilities

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Chau, to solve these issues, the local authorities should sit together and discuss the planning, agree on crops and need to trace origin of the agro-products. In many countries, although farmers have little land, they “produce and sell directly to final consumers”. For example, in South Korea, Korean Farmers’ Federation has big super markets where farmers can bring their agro-products to sell with high price. Or in New Zealand, only one export company is able to export one product so there are no cases on decreasing price for selling due to competitiveness and the quality of products are good.

Vice Chairperson Nguyen Hong Ly said: “Helping farmers to sell products is considered much by VNFU. To facilitate selling agro-products, we need to consider much more on 4 partner-linkages. Scientists need to provide high quality seedlings; enterprises and farmers need work closely with each other, follow the contract conditions and long term benefit

 “VNFU at Central level with make recommendations to the Government on solutions to help farmers to sell their products with high benefit; at the same time, to give suggestions to Ministries, agencies to strengthen vocational training, applying technology to production; supporting loan access for farmers to develop production. Particularly, mobilizing farmers to produce based on the planning, participate in collective economic forms, produce based on the markets’ needs and to keep the trust in contracting” emphasized Vice Chairperson Nguyen Hong Ly.  


By Huynh Xay - Translator: Viet Ha

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