Vietnam will focus on rural development and poverty reduction
11:02 - 30/12/2015
Vietnam will narrow down the 16 national target programmes between 2011 and 2015 to only two to focus on in the coming time to thoroughly and effectively solve the nation's urgent and necessary issues.

Meanwhile, the Government will continue reviewing 21 target programmes as specified in the NA Standing Committee's Resolution 1023/NQ-UBTVQH13 issued in August this year with a view to erasing overlapping targets and tasks which are those stipulated in the two national target programmes.

According to the resolution, half of communes nationwide will meet all the new rural criteria by 2020 and all communes will fulfill at least five criteria.
The resolution requires a total minimum investment for building of more than VND193.1 trillion (nearly $8.6 billion), of which VND63.1 trillion ($2.8 billion) will be sourced from the central budget and the rest is to come from localities.

The new rural area building, initiated by the Vietnamese Government in 2010, sets 19 criteria on socio-economic development, politics and defence, aiming to boost rural development.

The list of criteria also covers the development of infrastructure, the improvement of production capacities, environmental protection and the promotion of cultural values.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development estimated that by the end of this year around 1,500 communes will reach the new rural standards, accounting for 16.8 per cent of the total communes nationwide.

Regarding sustainable poverty reduction for 2016 to 2020, the resolution sets a target of an average drop of 1.0 per cent to 1.5 per cent in the household poverty rate and 4 per cent annually in impoverished localities.

The programme will give priority to poor districts and disadvantaged communes in coastal, island, mountainous and border areas.

The minimum investment for the programme is VND46.1 trillion ($2 billion), of which the State budget is to provide VND41.4 trillion ($1.8 billion)
According to Dan Viet – by Mai Huong

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