Thai Binh: Enhance the quality of Farmers’ Union (continue)
16:50 - 29/02/2016
Besides, the specialized staff at province, district levels and key staff at commune, ward and town levels at present are well skilled, have major in Union’s activities and public advocacy. The party committees are always interested in and create both quantity and quality conditions in the Union’s activities at all levels; the proportion of young staff with university or college qualifications are raised.

Leaders and planning resources are trained to enhance qualifications and level of political theory. The recruitment, planning and layout to use, transfer, personnel policy are implemented effectively and promptly. Specialized staff of the Provincial Farmers' Union at present are adequate following the regulations, have major in Union’s activities and public advocacy.

Implementing well three major movements, FUs in the whole province have actively lobbied members to invest capital in the improvement of mixed gardens, livestock development, conversion of inefficient rice land, soil to aquaculture in order to achieve high economic efficiency.  Many specific solutions such as biosafety chicken breeding, Dien grapefruit intensive growing, pink banana growing by new varieries have been developed. Many conferences, seminars, training on science and technology transfering,… have been organized.

The service activities to support members, farmers continue to be promoted. Trust funds for farmers to borrow from Viet Nam Bank for Social Policy and Viet Nam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development are now raised 1.5 times compared to the year 2010, reaching 1.275 billion VND, with 62.214 farmer households  getting loans. Supporting Funds for Farmers at all levels are enhanced and strengthened, the fund resource in the whole province is 19,612 billion VND, increasing twice as compared to the year 2010, there are 1,777 households borrowing to carry out 41 projects in the province.

Vocational training, employment consultation for farmers continue to be jointly organized effectively. In the recent 5 years, FUs at all levels have collaborated with various departments to organize 799 vocational courses for 29.261 people; in which Vocational Training Centre directly held 101 classes. The provision of agriculture inputs in the form of deferred payment, mobilizing farmers to participate in types of insurance ...has been effectively implemented by FU at all levels, bringing more benefits to the membership.

Thanks to the good performance of movements, FUs  at different levels have contributed positively to reducing poverty, narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor in rural areas, promoting the development of productive forces, improving the lives of the majority of farmers. The number of communes now who reach 19 new rural criteria is 89, representing 33.8% of the total number of communes who register new rural construction in the whole province.

On average, after five years of implementation of Resolution No. 06, Provincial Farmers’ Union has been strengthened in all aspects. The number of members, farmers engaged in Farmers’ organizations has been higher and higher, the qualifications has been enhanced step by step. In addition, staff at all levels are active, sensitive to new mechanism, actively advise and recommend to the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee in order to effectively implement emulation movements which bring many practical benefits for its members, farmers; contribute to economic development, maintenance of political security, social order and safety in the countryside.

Nhu Quynh – Translated by Minh Hue
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