Binh Dinh: Promotion protect the environment models
17:29 - 29/03/2016
(VNFU Website) – The previous years, the promotion and mobilization of Farmers’ Union at all levels contributed to raise awareness, to change behavior of the member farmers in the implementation of protect the environment tasks. By promote, mobilize and build the practical models, effective, emulation and reward timely; farmers' awareness of protect the environment, build the new countryside were improved very clear, almost of farmers understood their role in protect the environment and build the new countryside.

Result, Province Farmers’ Union launched 2 projects about building the point model of rural environmental protection, which built biogas project in Nhon Hau commune and built the hygienically WC in An Thanh commune for nearly 200 poor families, pro-poor, with the investment to support nearly 300 millions VND. Province Farmers’ Union cooperated with Co-ordination Office for National Target Program to build 70 harmful waste baths at field in 7 communes, where built the new countryside of province in 2014 with the budget of 100 millions Dong. In 2015, were continuing to build 265 pesticides package baths in 8/11 districts, towns and cities with a total budget of 265 millions dong. The models were effective, pervasive, many households responded to put into practice.
Besides, Province Farmer’ Union organised many contests to search the legislation about protect the environment with the topic “Farmers with protect the environment” in form of stage
Every year, in response to National week about clean water and environmental sanitation, commemoration the World Environment Day 5/6, campaign to make the world to clean…, Farmers’ Union at all levels organise many exciting activities to attract ten of thousands staff and farmers in province to attend, such as: trees, collect the waste, organize farmers to clean village street, in public, clear the drain flow, handle the waste backlog to ensure green - clean - beautiful environment... create awareness for staff and members about protect of property natural - rural environment.
Minh Khoa – By Quynh Hoa
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