How a model of association in growing macadamia in Dak Lak province impresses the Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union
16:41 - 29/09/2020
On the afternoon of September 26, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung - Member of CPV Central Committee, Secretary of the Designated Representation, Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) visited the model of macadamia planting and purchasing which is associated between DAMACA Nguyen Phuong Joint Stock Company and more than 300 households in Loc Xuan village (Phu Loc commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak).

According to the Dak Lak Farmers Union, the association of planting macadamia trees of DAMACA Nguyen Phuong Joint Stock Company has created a very good effect, supporting a lot for farmers who grow macadamia. Nearly 300 households in Krong Nang commune have associated in production and are committed to buy by the company at high prices. In 2019, this company spent more than 8 billion VND purchasing macadamia as materials.

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung visited the model of association in growing and purchasing macadamia
in Phu Loc commune, Krong Nang district, Dak Lak province

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong - General Director of DAMACA Nguyen Phuong Joint Stock Company, shared with the Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union that the company has been a local pioneer in  association with farmers from production to consumption, committed to purchasing at a higher price than the market price. From raw products, the company has researched and launched 3 product lines of dried macadamia, chocolate macadamia and macadamia oil, increasing the value of the product by 30%.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong added that her participation to macadamia industry is both a charm and a expectation from her own family. In the past, her family had about 3 ha of macadamia trees but had no output, or sold at very low prices. Locally, many farming households are in the same situation.
After a period of incubation, Phuong decided to do research, set up a processing company and associate the production to buy macadamia with local people. Currently, the company's factory has a capacity of 200 tons / year, creating jobs for 10-20 regular local workers.

Visiting the model of standard macadamia crop and processing facility here, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung highly appreciated the bold way of the company. At the same time, he suggested the company need to tighten the association with farmers, ensure sustainable production, increase the value chain from production to consumption. 
In order to increase the product value, the company needs to invest deeply in production technology to increase the quality and design of products, to meet the demand of consumers.
Regarding the difficulties and problems, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong said: "Macadamia is a new crop, there is no certain standard. On this occasion, I hope that Vietnam Farmers' Union will pay more attention to and support farmers in building macadamia production standards. This not only supports farmers, but also helps businesses to build high-quality macadamia brands with clear traceability for export. In addition, because the capital for investment in deep processing technology is still lacking, it still needs support from VNFU. Particularly, in the locality, the cooperatives and company have not had a close link".

In order to ensure the efficiency and sustainable development of the model for the sake of farmers, Comrade Thao Xuan Sung emphasized: "For the grassroots level Farmers’ Unions, it is necessary to work with local authorities, to establish 3-in-1 professional groups and branches where have a close link between farmers, cooperatives and the Company. The company will play as the sponsor who helps farmers to consume products and increase the value chain. The Farmers’ Union will intensify support for the company in trade promotion, access with large enterprises to share technology ".

Translated by Hien Anh
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