Hanoi city: Over 192,000 households have won the title of “good farmers in production and business” at all levels
23:13 - 25/03/2022
(VNFU Portal)- In 2021, the city had 252,781 households who joined good business registration at all levels (equivalent to 63% of the total number of member households). At the end of the year, 192,560 households won the title of good farmers in production and business at all levels (equal to 76% of registered households), in which, there were 768 households at the central level; 3,515 households at city ​​level; 39,890 households at district and town level; 192,560 households at grassroots level.
Farmers’ Union at all levels have actively organized activities to support farmers to introduce their products and sell the agricultural products.

Besides, the City Farmers' Union (FU) has coordinated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the New Rural Coordination Office of the city to organize 05 workshops and talkshows on the role of FU participating in the implementation of the OCOP program and developing collective economic models, cooperative groups, cooperatives for 815 officials, farmers, members, organize an online course for online selling, livestream for 552 officials, farmers, members.

The City FU also coordinated with the Economic Department of Vietnam Farmer's Union (VNFU) to organize 03 training courses to improve knowledge and skills of management, start-up, building value chain production models for 140 farmers, members and small and medium business owners.

FUs at all levels coordinated to organize 1,659 scientific and technical training sessions for 159,296 turns of officials, farmers, members, officials of cooperatives and cooperative groups; organize activities to support farmers to introduce products and sell agricultural products; build 25 places to introduce, promote and sell safe agricultural products in 18 districts and towns.

Currently, the whole city has had 2,291 models with an income of over 200 million VND per year such as: Planting Buddha's hands in Hoai Duc district; mushrooms in Soc Son district; safe vegetables in the districts of Dong Anh, Gia Lam, Thanh Tri; lilies in Dan Phuong district; raising pigs for safe meat in Thanh Oai district, Son Tay town; raising chickens in Ba Vi district... Notably, the FU has built 538 collective economic models at all levels, 583 Farmers' Clubs with good production and business and "Farmers for economic development" club with 13,336 participants. The FU has also supported farmers to build over 1,200 demonstration models on safe cultivation, husbandry and aquaculture based on VietGAP standards.

From the emulation movement of good farmers in production and business, the life of farmers, members has been significantly improved. The FU has helped over 11,000 farming households to escape from poverty and raise their living standards; contributed over 1,000 billion VND, 400,000 working days of farmers involved in repairing, upgrading and renewing irrigation, electricity, roads and schools in the rural areas.

To present, the whole district of Me Linh has 12 households achieving good production at the central level, 228 households achieving good production at the city level, nearly 5,900 households achieving good production at district level and more than 19,000 households achieving good production at the grassroots level. FUs at all levels have granted 1,263 certificates and 186 certificates of merit to the typical households.

Many farmers have boldly researched, created and applied scientific, technical and new advances in production to bring about high economic efficiency such as: Model of growing world roses, potted roses of Mr. Pham Duc Tai - Me Linh commune with an area of ​​6,000 m2, a revenue of 900 million VND/year; Infrared model of Mr. Nguyen The Anh - Me Linh commune with 800 million VND/year; Mr. Nguyen Van Quy - Tien Thinh commune boldly changed the structure of crops on an area of ​​7 hectares of inefficient land to fruit trees with an income of nearly 200 million VND/year; member Nguyen Van Thao - Tu Lap commune with an area of ​​1 ha combined with fruit trees and cow husbandry with an income of 350 million VND/year; member Nguyen Van Hiep - Dai Thinh commune boldly renovated and invested in inefficient land to plant fruit trees,
In Ba Vi district, with the motto of implementing four highs: "High productivity, high quality, high economic efficiency, high competitiveness", the district FU has actively propagated and mobilized its members to restructure crops and livestock, build suitable economic models for each region, enabled  officials, farmers, members to visit typical economic models in the district and surrounding areas.

Up to present, the district FU has maintained 31 economic development clubs with 1,088 members and 10 highly effective collective economic models. For example, the household of Mrs. Phung Thi Tho, Vat Yen village, Vat Lai commune with a model of a 12-hectare general farm growing 2,500 pomelo trees, 150,000 pineapple trees, 1,000 longan trees, raising thousands of hill chickens and 300 pigs forest, fish... Or the ostrich farming model of Mr. Nguyen Van Trung's household, Tan Linh commune generates over 5 billion VND/year in revenue.
In Dan Phuong district, farmers, members have learned to apply science and technology to production, successfully building many clean production agricultural models with high economic efficiency. Simultaneously, the models have the "4 partner" (state, scientists, farmers, entrepreneurs) linkages, thereby promoting the restructuring of crops and livestock, improving production and business efficiency for farmers.

Some typical models are: Dan Phuong model with raising foreign pigs; chicken breeding; producing mushrooms, wood ear; safe vegetable production; production of confectionery, tofu; production of civil and high-class carpentry…

In addition, the Dan Phuong district FU also focused on directing the construction of new models such as: Model of growing organic and safe vegetables in communes of Phuong Dinh, Dan Phuong, Song Phuong, Tho Xuan; pomelo planting model in communes of Thuong Mo, Song Phuong, Tan Lap, Tho Xuan, Phuong Dinh, Ha Mo; model of growing orchids in Tho An commune; model of planting peach blossoms in communes of Tan Lap, Hong Ha; rabbit raising model in Phuong Dinh commune; biosafety pig and chicken raising model in communes of Trung Chau, Dan Phuong, Tan Lap...

The emulation movement of good farmers in production and business has become the core to help the whole district transform converted nearly 300 hectares of inefficient agricultural land into high-quality and efficient production models, contributing to the replication of hi-tech agricultural models, organic production and chain linkage in the area.

Mr. Nguyen Van Cop's high-tech organic vegetable growing model in Tho An commune, for instance, covers an area of ​​more than 1.1ha with 20-30 modern greenhouses and net houses. Each year, the household's organic vegetable production model generates more than 700 million VND in economic efficiency, creating jobs for 20-30 local workers.

Mr. Tran Van Thang in Tho An commune has the model of raising beef cattle and earthworms applying biotechnology and protecting the environment. His household raises about 500 beef cattle and the worm farm, earning more than 1 billion VND/year. Their livestock area is built with an environmental treatment system to ensure safety for livestock...

Soc Son district FU has linked the goal of agricultural economic development with mobilizing farmers to build a collective economy through the establishment of farmers’ branches and professional associations, thereby helping members operate the models smoothly and effectively.

FUs at all levels have built 10 groups of organic vegetable production, 76 cooperative groups in the fields of handicrafts, animal husbandry and cultivation, 63 professional groups... For example, organic agricultural production models in communes of Tan Dan, Phu Minh, Viet Long, Thanh Xuan; hi-tech mushroom cultivation in Minh Phu commune; growing jasmine flowers in communes of Phu Lo, Dong Xuan...

Typically, the FU of Viet Long commune has more than 200 members participating in the cooperation group to produce herbs and spices (herbs, basil, coriander, onions, etc.) on an area of ​​25ha. On average, each member's household grows 1-3 sao of vegetables and spices, earning 50-55 million VND/sao.

In the future, the FU will continue to guide and support farmers to build collective economic models, associated with building and forming farmers’ branches and profession groups; organize training activities, transfer science and technology, improve capacity, production level, economic management capacity; disseminate, guide and support farmers to implement solutions on digital transformation in agriculture to improve the quality and competitiveness of agricultural products. 

Tuan Nam - Translated by Huong Lan
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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