Rise up out of poverty by ARC model.
15:52 - 04/05/2015
(VNFU’s website) Underwent military training, Mr.Phung Duc Thu in Minh Coi commune, Ha Hoa district, PhuTho province came back to his hometown, involved in the production to develop household economy.

His family has the biggest farm in commune and this is also a typical model of Ha Hoa District Farmers’ Union in excellent production. With the determination to overcome poverty, Mr. Thu collected information, learned experiences and also promoted local advantages to develop integrated farm economy.

Now, the farm is an 10 years old combined of  pond, livestock pen and forest. The fish pond is 2.88 hectares and the forest is over 3 hectares. His dedication brought initial results, the total income of nearly 1 billion per year, he earned over VND 300 million after expense deduction, mostly from fish pond. In the large pond, he integrated growing many kinds of fish such as: tench, carp, mud carp, mainly grass carp to take advantage of the water layer, feed resources and this is a good way to keep the pond clean.

Recently, he invested over VND20 million to buy 2 million tilapia breeding and combined disease prevention and feed preservation. Tilapia feed expenses are 3.5 million per day and over 100 million per month. After 3 months, tilapia grow fast and healthy, weight of 0.5 kg/ per fish.

Beside raising fish, Mr. Thu also takes advantage of the water to breed ducks, his farm usually maintains over 100 ducks and 100 chickens. To increase fish feed resource, he built pigsty and raised 5 pigs. He sells over 100 breeding stock pigs, earned more than 70 million a year. Making use of agricultural products such as: straw, sweet grass stems to feeds fish; raised 7 buffalos, both provide animal traction for crop production, feed resource for fish and fertilizers for plants.

With the strategy: using short-term goals as stepping – stones towards achieving long-term goals and diversity of livestock breeds Mr. Thu’s farm generated a closed cycle. In 3 hectares of 2 years - old acacia forest, acacia brought nearly VND150 million for his family.

Since he started doing business he considered about forest planting, it brings the most beneficial results. Forest planting not only helps his family has stable income but also protects environment and prevents disease for livestock.

With these results, Mr. Phung Duc Thu deserves tobe an outstanding farmer model who overcame difficulties to enrich in his homeland.
Tien Tu – Translator: Minh Hue
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