Take the risk to enrich
08:55 - 23/07/2015
Thanks to a 20 million loan from Fund for Farmer, Mr. Nguyen Van Vuong (Vinh Luong commune, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa) has gained success in cattle breeding.

It had been several years since he struggled with cashew without making any profit. In early 2013, he demolished the whole 200 square meters of cashew to make way for 6 pigsties with 4 sows. Simultaneously, he studied veterinary science to put it into practice for his cattles. Thanks to the investment and the thorough care for his cattles, it resulted in the stable development of them. It took around 4 months to make a litter ready for sale in the market; therefore, he fed 3 litters each year which produced 40 million VND average income minus expenses.
"I used animal feed as well as vegetables to save an amount of expenses, I got 10-14 piglets each litter, however, I choose to feed 10-12 of them and the rest was distributed to other farming households. Each sow will be liquidated after 6-8 litters", said he.
After accumulating capital from pigs breeding, he decided to purchase the land for house construction and extent to backyard poultry breeding. In 2012, he studied the technique for backyard poultry breeding in The Provincial Extension Centre. He acquired the knowledge for the course and purchased the stock in Ninh Hoa commune (Khanh Hoa). There were 500 chickens raised each litter and collected after 3 months which earned him 15 million VND minus expenses. As a result, he gained 45 million VND for 3 litters each year. Pigs breeding produced higher profit compared to poultry breeding because pigs were less affected by epidemic diseases and easy for sale. In addition, he fed doves and opened an animal feed store with more than 5 million VND income a month. "I could succeed because I dared to take the risk", he stated.
Mr.Vuong was commended by Khanh Hoa’s Farmer Union for good production farmer in the period 2011-2014.

According to Dan Viet - By Mai Huong
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