The grower of "giant" tomato farm switches to hydroponic vegetable
09:00 - 23/07/2015
Being famous for one kilogram tomato in Da Lat, Mrs.Pham Thi Cuc has been succeeding in cultivating 18 different kinds of lettuce by reflux hydroponic method based on European standard.

On October, 2014, Cuc and more than 10 growers and vegetable enterprises in Da Lat were invited by Netherlands' Rijk Zwaan (specializing in providing seed) to Malaysia to experiment hydroponic vegetable production model under European technology. Cuc fully empathized with the model, but worried about high investment cost.
Returned the country, she calculated with available standard greenhouse of her garden (about 200 million VND per 1000 square meters-a rod), it required more than 400 million VND to install the specialising equipment for hydroponic vegetable raising.Because of being impressive by the model, Cuc has decided to try the first rod in Da Nghit village, Lac Duong (Lam Dong) and the Rijk Zwaan introduced the equipment supplier of Malaysia, Thailand, and India directly to her garden in order to measure area as well as give some advice on how to install the device. Sooner and later, the devices as gutters, water wires, valves, etc...and imported lettuce seeds were delivered to her garden with the price $600 million.
On March, 2015, Cuc grew the first crop but failed then. When received information, the Rijk immediately appointed the technical staff to Viet Nam to guide and consult for her. Thus, the second one she achieved a good result, and now both Metro and Vinmart supermarket system consume products with prices ranging from 40,000 to 50,000 VND per kilogram.
Cuc said, the initial cost for hydroponic vegetable in 1,000 square meters land under European technology is not less than 800 million VND, about 1,000-3,000 VND a seed. She plants now 18 different kinds of lettuce. She said this cultivation method does not use any types of insecticide, the nutritions are mixed with 24/24 rotating water source which is drawn out from 3 plastic tubs containing 5,000 liters. It is connected to the pump and standby generator. They are all set up subterranean area because water supplement need to be pumped from a lower level.
Although the vegetables grow thanks to the constantly streamed water sources, Mrs Cuc said the amount of water is insignificant at around 2,000 liters a rod.
“Not being the first hydroponic vegetable planted, my vegetables are ensured to be solid and chubby due to the new technology” said she. She added that she could plant 25,000 items of hydroponic vegetable for each 1,000 square meters.
To meet the earning and consuming demand, she decided to cultivate with the myriapod method which divided into several courses of sowing the seeds. The seeds are put into small glasses which contain processed coconut fiber and germinated within 15 days before putting on spouts. Nurseling on spouts will be brought up by 24/24 rotating water sources. Other nutritions can also be mixed with water and provided to plants according to several periods. Averagely, nurseling which have been put in spouts for 30-35 days are able to be harvested. There are 9-10 litters of hydroponic vegetables harvested each year.
Hydroponic vegetable from Cuc’s garden is around 200 grams in weight each item, and with 1000 square meters of cultivating land, 5000 tons of hydroponic vegetable is generated. With sale price of 40.000-50.000 VND for each kilogram of the vegetable, Mrs. Cuc earns approximately 230 million VND with 1000 square meters. It is estimated that the profit of each litter is more than 100 million VND minus all other cost. The plus point of Cuc’s model is the ability to minimise the damage and loss. Almost all leaves can be used for sale thanks to good maintenance and not being soiled.
Now, the Bach Cuc’s grower is putting additional equipment to extent scale because vegetables are purchased with fixed price by supermarket system. To develop widely the model, Cuc said that either the equipment cost decreases or the domestic manufacturers can do itself, it results in lower cost. In addition, the export promotion activity should be attached by enterprises and management agencies.
According to VNE – by Y Voan

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