HungYen longan was all agog for enterprises
11:12 - 24/08/2015
The experiment from lychee exporting shown that the new technological application in production and preservation would be not enough unless there was the participation of enterprises in products' consumption.
Going to the growing longan for export area in Hong Nam Commune, Hung Yen Province these days, it can be seen everywhere that farmers are busy to cut and take care of longan. Mrs. Tran Thi Bac, who is the village head of Ne Chau Village, said that after three months applying new caring procedure (VietGAP, GlobalGAP), although it has been very hard from the beginning, now 33 families in village are familiar with modern producing method.
The year 2015 is the first year that Ne Chau Village is chosen to establish exporting longan area. After applying new producing method, the amount of fruit increases steadily. "It is expected that from the middle of this July, the longan harvest will start. Hope that longan will achieve the best quality to be exported a lot with high price and more stable than the last years", Mrs. Bac shares.
Now Hung Yen has two areas including 9.97 hectares in Ne Chau Village, Hong Nam Commune, Hung Yen Province and 10.82 hectares in An Canh Village, Ham Tu Commune, Khoai Chau District which is chosen to establish areas growing longan to export.
According to Mrs. Doan Thi Chai, Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Hung Yen, now longan areas applied the new technology have been basically successful, and just waited for the purchase of enterprises. Hung Yen province currently has about 3,000 ha of longan land; the average total production reaches 35,000 tons/year. Hung Yen province have been promulgating many policies, such as irradiation support, transportation, etc. to attract enterprises. However, enterprises have not register formally purchase yet.
Acorrding to Dan Viet – Translated by Viet Ha
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