The double joyfulness of vegetable farmers in Hanoi: High consumption and good price.
09:27 - 25/08/2015
Thanks to convenient weather and the rising demand of consumption, this year, the vegetable farmers in Hanoi have experienced the double joyfulness by the bumper crop in their business. It is predicted that hanoi will not be in the short of vegetables in the Tet holiday.

At this time, in Van Noi commune (Dong Anh), one of fresh vegetable gardens and the biggest vegetable “barn” in Hanoi, the farmers are harvesting vegetables. Mr.Duong Van Diem in Dong village said that compared with last year, the price of cabbage had increased from 4000 dong to about 10000-12000 dong per kg, or that of cauliflower had also risen from 6000 dong to 12000-13000 dong per big plant. According to Mr.Diem, at this moment, the vegetables with highest price are mostly leafy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, malabar spinach and so on because these are suitable for hotpot in the cold weather. Mr.Tran Van May – chairman of Van Noi Cooperative of fresh vegetables Consumption and Processing said that thanks to nice weather there was the bumper crop in vegetables. “When farmers sowed, transplanted vegetables, it is warm; when farmers are about to harvest it is rather cold so vegetables look good and tasty. About the rising price, I think it may be affected by the rising demand of consumption together with the harvesting in most vegetable areas, so the excessive of supply has not happened” – Mr. May said.
In Van Duc, Duyen Ha, Song Phuong vegetable farms, we always see the delightful faces of farmers. With a bunch of Malabar spinach in her hands, Mrs. Nguyen ThiHoa, a member of Duyen Ha Cooperative (Thanh Tri) gladly shared: “This year, our vegetables and fruits are not quite productive, it may lead to an increase in their price. Cabbages are sold at 7,000 to 8,000 VND/kg, kohlrabi at 6,000 to 8,000 VND/a bulb, water dropwort at 6,000 VND/ a bunch, tomatoes at 12,000 to 15,000 VND/kg, etc.”
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hong – Farming Manager of Hanoi Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said that this year, the input for vegetables would not deficient or excessive like the past years. To conduct this, the department has urged local agriculture institutes, branches to plan for specific production, classify kinds of vegetables, tubers, fruits, avoid imitating the farming technique without effectiveness. Except for farming with traditional process, in local areas, many things have been boosted such as applying RAT, VietGAP production processes, develop the crop with increasing quality, decreasing quantity. Therefore, local deficient or excessive vegetables due to simultaneously crop of farmers will be minimized.
Mrs. Le ThiThao, a small shopkeeper in CauDien Market (BacTuLiem) said, each day she could just sell about 100kg of vegetables, tubers and fruits before; however, the consumption had doubled, even tripled for weeks because the consumers bought a huge amount of vegetables.
According to Dan Viet – by Xuan Dinh
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