Tran Yen (Yen Bai): Poverty eradication with Bat Do bamboo sprout
16:50 - 29/02/2016
Currently, Tran Yen District has formed three focused Bat Do bamboo growing areas with the area of nearly 1,600 hectare in 10 communes, the average annual output of bamboo sprout reaches over 19.000 tons, the value of income is over 30 billion VND. In 2016, Tran Yen district continues to strive planting 300 hectares of bamboo shoots concentrated in the communes of Kien Thanh, Hong Ca, Luong Thinh and Hung Thinh.

Staff for agriculture encouraging is guiding Mong People to plant Bat Do bamboo sprout.
Mr. Vang A Cu’s household in the village of Cu Khe Tien, Hong Ca commune started to plant Bat Do bamboo sprout from 2008. At the first time, his family only planted almost 1 hectare bamboo as this plant was very strange to them as well as other households in the village. Thanks to the guidance of staff for agriculture encouraging, the economic efficiency of the plant took the trust of his and Hmong People. In 2016, his family is supported with nearly 3 hectares of Bat Do bamboo sprout for new planting, plus nearly 2 hectares before, then the total is nearly 5 hectares. Mr. Vang A Cu shared: "This year, with the support of the Government for seed tubers and technical guidance on growing Bat Do bamboo, my family cleaned the hill before the New Year, at present we are very excited with the help to dig holes of the youth. We believe that in only a few years, Bat Do bamboo will help our village to eradicate from hunger and poverty.”

Hong Ca commune is especially difficult communes of the district, since 2006 when they began implementing the program of growing Bat Do bamboo sprout, the area has been expanded to more than 300 ha, concentrated mainly in the hamlets of Nam Hong, Lien Hiep, Chi Vu, Dong Dinh. In particular, this crop is opened towards sustainable poverty reduction for ethnic Hmong people in the hamlets of Khuon Bo, Hong Lau, Khe Ron, Khe Tien. So far, the total of H'mong households participating in growing Bat Do bamboo sprout is over 100 with an area of ​​80 hectares. In the period 2015 - 2020, the commune has made a plan to plant new crops from 150 to 200 hectares in order to increase the area to 600 hectares , especially in 2016, Hong Ca commune strives to grow new 100 ha, in which they will set expansion of the area in the Hmong village to continue well with poverty reduction and limit nomadic status and deforestation for cultivation.

By 2015, Tran Yen District has formed three concentrated Bat Do bamboo sprout production areas with the total area of ​​nearly 1,600 hectares, including: the northern region of Tan Dong, Dao Thinh, Viet Thanh, Hoa Cuong; northwest region of Y Can, Kien Thanh Commune; west region of Luong Thinh, Hung Thinh, Hung Khanh, Hong Ca. Through practice in more than 10 years, Bat Do Bamboo has brought higher economic efficiency from 2.5 to 3 times higher than other crops on hilly forest land, then exploited the potential of land, labor rural areas, ethnic minority areas. Therefore, in the next period, Tran Yen district will continue to expand the areas in communes where there is a large area of ​​forest land, while paying attention to the intensive, caring and rehabilitation of the old area to improve productivity per unit area.

Comrade Nguyen The Phuoc – Chairman of People’s Committee of Tran Yen District stated: "Tran Yen District has built a concentrated bamboo material zones, Bat Do bamboo prout product has became goods with stable consumption, in the next time, the district continues to direct departments to coordinate with local authority for strengthening the propagandizing and mobilizing people to apply technical measures, focus on available intensive Bat Do bamboo to improve the quality and and quantity of local material area”.
Thanh Tien – Translated by Quynh Hoa
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