Increasing effectiveness of large fields in building rice value chain
14:12 - 28/06/2016
The production area of large field has increased year on year, No in An Giang, There are 31 enterprises having plans to participate in large field model with an area of 72,561 hectare in entire An Giang province by 2015. However, among such 31 enterprises, there are 23 ones really entering into contract with competent authorities, with the area of 34,410 hectare. This situation is not only in An Giang but also in other provinces in Mekong River Delta.

At the conference, organized by An Giang People Committee, participants analyzed the inadequacies in connecting large fields, including warehouse capacity; dry system of many enterprises which remain limited and fail to meet the demand at harvesting season. A number of enterprises lack investment capital, and there are few technical officials giving instruction to farmers. Besides, many farmers have not been acquainted with the new model, new doings and they have not trusted in this model. Their willing of connection and cooperation has not been strict enough...

An Giang province plans to increase area of large field to 80,000 hectare by 2020, of which 12,000 hectare follow strictly criteria of large paddy fields (15%); 127,000 hectare by 2025, of which 63,500 hectare follow strictly criteria of large paddy fields (50%). The main efficiency of building large fields shows the average profit of 32.5% (2020) and 35% (2025) compared to production cost.

Comments addressed at the conference indicate that the plan of building large field should be more specific in the periods of 2016-2020 and 2021-2025; large fields need to be marked into zones by district, township, city and there must be roadmap for the implementation; Criteria on number of large fields, collectives, enterprises participating in large field model should be more specific. In addition, it is necessary to determine the calculation of application ratio of large fields whether by area of annual or seasonal crops or by area specializing in rice cultivation... The main efficiency of building large fields shows the average profit of 32.5% (2020) and 35% (2025) compared to production cost remains limited, which can be obtained by normal rice paddies. Meanwhile, according to the report, large field model in An Giang helps increase productivity around 15-20% and profit around 10-15% per hectare respectively compared to normal production.

In order to overcome shortcomings, inadequacies in building large fields during the past time, and to ensure the good implementation of large fields in An Giang province in coming time (by the period 2020-2025), participants suggest paying attention to the implementation of such crucial methods as attracting, supporting enterprises to build effective large fields with various cooperative and connecting models which ensure harmonization of interest (collectives, cooperative groups; contracts binding farmers and enterprises); promptly settling concerns in cooperation, conducting economic contracts; applying and transferring scientific technology and management science in building large fields and rice value chain; investing in facilities, infrastructure serving for large fields by socializing capital and with the contribution of the state and enterprises.

Nguyen Quyen – By Hoa Mai
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