Training course on business planning and market research
14:29 - 23/09/2016
On August, 20, 2016, in Ha Noi, MTCP 2 National Implementing Agency (MTCP 2 NIA) organized a training course on “Business planning and market research’’.

Participants are carrying out group discussion

On August 20- 24, 2016, the training course on business planning and market research was organized in Ha Noi with the presence of  26 participants who were leaders, staff, members of Provincial Farmers’ Union (FU) of 9 provinces under MTCP 2, especially, chairman, vice- chairman of cooperatives in the provinces.

The training course took place under the framework of “Medium Term Cooperation Programme between the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Farmers’ Organizations in Asia and the Pacific, Phase II (MTCP 2)” in Viet Nam.

Thanks to the training course, participants had chances to enhance knowledge, capacity on study, market and value chain analysis, business planning for cooperative groups, cooperatives. 

Participants are giving their opinions

During the training time, participatory method was used to promote, attract the attendance of the participants. They actively took part in discussion, identified the actual situation, advantages, shortcomings of cooperatives, then jointly found solution, address opportunities for more development of the cooperatives in the future.
The followings are some images of the training course:

Also, in the training course, MTCP 2 NIA carried out to collect ideas of participants about “business format” to improve the format so that it is easier for farmers to understand, develop and apply it. Moreover, NIA got the idea of Provincial FU representatives to prepare for annual action plan in 2017- 2018: contents focused to improve capacity of farmers, members; activities to strengthen the linkage, cooperation between FUs and partners, donors; priority commodity for value chain development of local areas; proposals to local authorities on amending policies to creating condition for farmers in production and business development; etc.

Mrs. Hoang Thi Hau in the sharing session

NIA organized the class to discuss and learn experiences from Mrs. Hoang Thi Hau, Chairwoman of Thanh Xuan Commune FU cum Thanh Xuan Organic Vegetables Cooperative, a very developed one in Ha Noi. She shared  a lot of experienes in: business planning, attracting farmer members, creating jobs and sustainable income for farmers, etc.

After the training course, the participants will improve their business plan on their priority commodity, make right orientation for cooperatives, matching with available resources and adapt to market demand.
By Xuan Dinh
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