"Farmer training Farmer” a practical and effective vocational training model
04:10 - 13/02/2017
In recent years, one of the good models in vocational training for farmers implemented by Vietnam Farmers' Union is the model of “Farmers training Farmers". 

Up to now, more than 30 provinces have successfully applied this model. Job vocational training for farmers are gradually meet requirement of each region and each group of farmers, following farmers’ production and associated with local job, meeting the needs of farmers and the needs for domestic and internal market.
Find more oriented vocational training for farmers.

According to some research findings: skilled and qualify farmers in Vietnam accounting for about 10%, averaging farmers: 20%, the rest are poor skilled. Meanwhile, farming techniques, agricultural production is very arbitrary, not really comply with the standards and processes of safe and clean agricultural production; agricultural labor force through training accounts for about 24%, farmers  directly working in agriculture sector at the villages levels  accounting for only 13%. From the above actual situations, Vietnam Farmers’ Union identified vocational training and training for farmers is one of the key tasks of the Union in the context of international integration.
Mr. Pham Van Thien, Deputy Headmaster of Vocational Training School of Vietnam Farmers ' Union said: Vietnam Farmers' Union has set up a system of vocational training institutions from the central to the regional and local levels. In addition, the school also has a team of lecturers and collaborators with professional and qualifications. Vietnam Farmers’ Union also cooperation with The German Farmers Association organized to send staffs, teachers, young farmers and good production and business farmers to study experiences in Germany. The good production and business farmers, artisans, skilled farmers join hand in vocational training for farmers associated with the setting up production and business models for farmers then farmers will easily understand, remember and easy to apply in their farms.
After each vocational training cause, Farmers’ Union and all levels are also actively in counseling, referral and find jobs for farmers, helping farmers get new job or self-employment, expanding their production and business or working in abroad. The Union at all levels also organized activities to support farmers after training, such as provide loans from the Farmers Supporting Fund, Agriculture and Rural Development Bank, Social Policy Bank…
Practical models.
Being one of provincial union implemented efficiently model "Farmers training Farmers", Mr. Luu Van Quang, Chairman of Bac Kan Farmers’ Union said:  training and technical transfer for farmers is a practical work to improve the production for farmers. However, not all methods of training is effectively as its desired. The choice of methods for training is very important; it will decide the success or failure of the training. So to find suitable methods for training and technology transfer to farmers is very necessary for the Union. After 4 years implementing, the model of Farmers training Farmers initiative gained results because of the "trainers" who are local farmers, has successfully applied the model, they are understood customs, habits and skills of local farmer farming, they trained farmers by their experience and and by practical way with experiment models together with visiting best models so they will be very easy to understand, easy to remember, easy to apply. On the other hand, farmer trainers are willing faculty promotion and technology transfer in difficult and remotes areas, to the villages of ethnic minorities with low conditions and they will have time to following up with farmers and expanded the model… These are the key advantages of the model "farmers training farmers".
Tuyen Quang Provincial Farmers' Union has organized for 40 trainees farmers being good business and production famers join the training courses "farmers training farmers". After finishing the training, the Provincial Farmers’ Union give certificate for farmers trainers and sent the request to the Board of Management program 135 thus, based on the actual demand contracting with these farmer trainers to train for farmers in localities.
However, according to Mr. Do Trung Kien, Director of the Vocational Training Centre and Supporting Farmers, besides these advantages, there are still many difficulties due to the qualifications and limited of the faculty farmers. Mostly, they just have practical experience, successful model locally but due to lack of trained expertise, so they are still embarrassing in making lesson plans. Most of farmer trainers do not have professional and qualifications of specific areas, lack of information of the program, projects being implemented locally. Limited conditions to improve professional training... So, in order to implement the good model of "Farmers training farmers," Mr. Kien said that: It needs further encouragement, attention and replication of training, training courses, provide communication channels helping farmer trainers access to the programs and projects being implemented in the province.
Mrs. Nguyen Hong Ly, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union said: The training for farmers are gradually fit with the situation of each region, each product and linkage with the local job creation or meet demand of the domestic and international market. Some models of "farmers training farmers” implemented by VNFU and other training agencies have achieved certain success in vocational training, and being considered as a good and effective models, transfer of knowledge in agricultural production, improve productivity and product quality, increase income for farmers.
Trinh Van - by Hoa Mai
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