Some achievements in building new-type rural areas in Vietnam
04:28 - 20/02/2017
Building new-type rural areas has become a nation-wide powerful and broad movement; after nearly six years of implementation it has contributed to changing the appearance, improve the living conditions of the population in many rural areas.

The National Target Program for Building New-typed rural areas has meet people’s aspirations and attracted enthusiastic participation of the whole society. After nearly six years of implementation, this program has changed the mindset of the majority of people from relying on the State's investment into proactive, confident, positive participation in building a new countryside. The Steering Committes were set up at the central, provincial, district, commune and village levels. The Prime Minister has launched the movement “The whole country join hands to build a new countryside.” The Vietnam Fatherland Front launched the movement “All people are united to build cultural life in residential areas” associated with building a new-type countryside.
New rural areas have become a reality: the system of rural infrastructure strongly has developed, changing the face of rural areas. Material and spirit life of a large number of rural population has improved markedly. Agricultural commodity production has been attached importance to, and has made changes thus actively contributing to improve the income of the rural population.

The role of party organizations, administration, and organizations in many places has been promoted, democracy in rural areas has been enhanced in quality. Where new-type rural area building gains success, people’s confidence in the lines, the policy, the leadership of the party committees and administration is high.

In 2015, the average income of rural residents reached 24.4 million (an increase of 1.9 times compared to 2010). Particularly in the rural communes which have reached new rural standards, the average income is VND 28.4 million /year, the poverty rate falls to 3.6% as compared with VND 16 million/year, the poverty rate of 11.6% respectively when the Program was started. 

The rural areas have become more civilized and prosperous, contributing significantly to eliminating hunger, reducing poverty and ensuring security, and socio-political stability.
Regarding resource mobilization for the National Target Program on Building new-type Rural Areas in the period of 2011 - 2015, the total capital mobilized to implement the program reached VND 851,380 billion, of which VND 98, 664 came from the state budget, accounting for 11.6% (including VND 16.400 billion from the central budget, VND 82,264 billion from local budget) and 88.4% from various sources such as VND 434,950 billion from credit, VND 42,198 billion from businesses, VND 107,447 billion from communities and other sources, and VND 168,121 billion from other programs and projects implemented in rural areas. Particularly in 2016, the country mobilized VND 332,475 billion, of which VND 7,374 billion (2.2%) from central budget, 23,193 billion (7%) from local budget, 4.7% from other programs and projects, 78.3% from credit, 3.1% from enterprises, and 4.7% from people’s contribution.
According to Danviet – by Hoa Mai
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