Support to produce organic rice development
10:05 - 03/04/2017
To produce organic rice using organic fertilizer in the project supported for farmers in Mekong Delta River’s Provinces, farmers can apply with support from localities. Besides the increase of quality, farmers also receive input support and underwritten output with higher price compared to the market price.

No more concern about output

Organic rice production project is carried out in 1,000 ha of winter – spring crop 2016 – 2017 by agricultural sector of Mekong Delta River’s Provinces. According to the assessment of the project participants, the fields that were applied organic fertilizer generated higher yields which were approximately 100kg/1,000m2 (production cost was reduced 10%), selling price was 400 dong/kg higher compared to farm households that didn’t apply the model.

As one of the participants, Mr. Nguyen Van Muop (Vi Thanh Commune, Vi Thuy District, Hau Giang Province) said that by applying organic fertilizer, cost for buying chemical fertilizer was cut down approximately 40% in comparison with organic fertilizers, and plant protection products were completely avoided, as a result the rice plants grew evenly, strong without falling down, and had well ripen ears. He added that rice selling price was getting higher compared to other areas that were not involved in the project so he was feeling much more secure.

Mr. Truong Thanh Huy – Director of Vi Thanh 2 Agricultural Cooperative – said that in Hau Giang Province, this was the first time this model to be applied to 40 ha of the cooperative’s large-scale paddy fields. The project participants had made over 26 million dong per ha in incomne while the income from the normal paddy field only reached almost 15.6 million dong/ha. Moreover, when applying the model, farmers also received seed supply, fund for new rice harvesters and was underwitten for all of the paddy field involving in the project by the company, said him.
Having the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Cong Tri (Farmer – Thoi Lai District, Can Tho City), who has spent a long time with the model of applying organic fertilizer, addressed: “The linking between applying organic fertilizer and using seeds provided by the company makes us feel more secure. Despite whatever changes happen to the market price, our products are still underwitten with stable price”.

Take in the sustainable production

Mr. Le Van Chinh – Director of production and supply of Rice Plant seed 9 Apple Cooperative (Chau Thanh District, Tra Vinh Province) shared: “When using organic fertilizer, farmers of the cooperatives noticed that the cost for input were reduced, fertilizer and increase income for farmers. Therefore, this organic fertilizer products should be popularized in rice production aming to create safe and eco-friendly production.

According to Mr. Le Van Doi – Deputy Director of Hau Giang Agriculture and Rural Development Department, cooperatives applying the model made complaints about difficulties in waterway transportation. Consequently, Hau Giang Agriculture and Rural Development Department is curently dredging all of the commidities used for big paddy field model that is being complained so that 30-50 ton ships can come in. Especially, organic rice growing fields at Vi Thanh Commune is considered to be the key model and highly evaluated by the provincial officials. “Henceforward, in regard to Hau Giang province, agriculture has to aim to sustainable production and gradually change farmers’ farming habits”, said Mr. Doi.

During the visit to organic rice plant production model in Hau Giang, Mr. Lai Xuan Mon - Member of Central Party Committee, VNFU Chairman shared that his initially noticed that farmers are very happy with this model. Therefore, he asked the Farmer’s Unions in 13 Mekong River Delta’s provinces immediately  study and applying to produce organic rice in other areas, because this production model meets the quality, effectiveness, food hygiene and safety, improves competitive capability on export market, helps raise farmers’ income.
Source: Dan Viet by Hoa Mai
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