Vietnam Farmers’ Union – The German Farmers’ Association: The 70 – 30 vocational training experience
14:23 - 29/05/2017
(VNFU Website) – The experience reported this morning (June 2) in Hanoi during the work session between VNFU and the German Farmers’ Association (DBV) is the 70% of practice and 30% of theory vocational training model.
At the session, Mr. Hartwig Breternitz, an international counselor, presented the appraisal result of the VNFU – DBV Cooperation Project, which was signed and implemented in the 2012 – 2017 term.
According to the plan, in 2017, the remaining activities of the project to be implemented are The Training Course for the vocational training teachers and farmers at Niedersachsen State focused on dairy cow raising at the Echem Agricultural Vocational Training Center for 15 teachers and farmers; Workshop on Agri-business and Imprort-Export Market for VNFU’s officers and farmers in Vietnam. The aforementioned workshop is going to take place in September or October of 2017.

Till now, the project has organized 11 training trips in Germany for 64 technical officers and leaders of VNFU, 48 vocational training teachers and 12 farmers. The excellent producer - farmers chosen by VNFU to take part in training trips in Germany had applied what they’d learnt to production very well.
These farmers also became farmer-teachers and carried out training for other farmers, and using their own farms as practice places. Furthermore, the project also organized a 6-month training course for 7 young farmers and 5 international seminars for 450 participants, etc.
During the implementation of the project, DBV evaluated that the project had major impacts on officers, managers, vocational training teachers, members, farmers and activities of VNFU. The parallel vocational training had also been carried out very methodically and practically, and focused on practicing at farms and enterprises and agricultural producing efficiency. Moreover, it also focused on cooperating with model farms for practical training.
In order to renew the vocational training methods connecting closely with practice and creating jobs, VNFU has created a vocational training model for rural agriculture labours regarding the excellent producer model. The participants are being taught and receiving advices by excellent producers on technical skils, building production plan, finding markets, applying modern technologies, devices and machines to production; therefore, many participants have gained knowledge and practical skills for their current job or finding new job.
From the experience of the parallel training method in Germany, the Vocational Training School and Vocational Training Centers under the city/province FUs at provinces have renewed their training method, such as using excellent producers qualified to attend vocational training classes, courses that include mostly practice session as teachers; renewing methods and diversifying subjects taught during each class or session regarding the participants’ needs.

From this basis, VNFU’s officers are clearly aware of the efficiency of the German parallel agricultural vocational training program with the ratio of 30% of theory and 70% of practice. Thus, after training, the participants will be armed with high skills, thorough knowledge so that they will be able to manage their farm or agricultural enterprise. In addition, the Vocational Training School and some Vocational Training Centers of VNFU have proactively compiled brief, intelligible textbooks that have many illustrations and organized field trip for participants to practice.
These workshops organized in Vietnam by VNFU and DBV have provided practical knowledge for officers, members and farmers, such as, knowledge on preservation and processing rice, vegetable, fruits; building and aplplying DBV’s food quality assessment criteria QS (QS is the German food assessment system).
To conclude the work session, Mr. Leu Vu Dieu, Vice Chairman of the VNFU Standing Committee emphasized that thanks to the support of the German Ministry Food of Agriculture, DBV, and other relating organizations, the project activities had gone as planned and been carried out efficiently.

Through the project, the friendly – cooperation and sharing experience relationship on agriculture development between VNFU and DBV is getting stronger and stronger. Moreover, experts, enterprises and farmers of Vietnam and Germany are also enable to interact, enhance mutual understanding and copperation, and boost the trading relationship in the agricultural sector between the two countries.
In the future, VNFU will continue to create the vocational training model for rural labours regarding the excellent producer model. The participants of the training courses will be instructed with the technical skills. At the same time, VNFU’s Vocational Training Centers will also expand its activities and services that support farmers, vocational training, job creating, and especially focus on output for farmers.
Thanh Hue – by Hoa Mai
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