Ha Tinh FU: Building economical models, responding to the “Vietnamese using Vietnamese products” campaign
14:51 - 12/06/2017
(VNFU Website) – Aiming to carry out the “Vietnamese using Vietnamese products” campaign, the Standing Commitee of Ha Tinh FU has propagated and called for its officers, members, farmers, cooperatives, and teams and groups to take positively particular actions to respond to the campaign.

Following the tasks and measures regarding the execution of the campaign under the Conclusion no. 107 –KL/TW dated April 10, 2015 of  the Secretariat of the Central Committee Communist Party and other guidance documents of the provincial Campaign Steering Committee, the Standing Commitee of Ha Tinh FU has implemented the campaign in its 12 subsidiary FUs.
As propagation is aimed to be the principal task throughout the implementation of the campaign, the provincial FU has taken the initiative in making annual propagation plans linked with FU’s activities.
The propagation is being carried out through different methods such as local broadcasting system, radio, newspaper, meetings, specialized contests, discussions with farmers and relevant liturature.
Every quarter, the provincial FU publishes more than 2,650 copies of  ‘News on Ha Tinh Farmers’, information about markets, local agricultural products is also delivered to officers, members and farmers through the website of the Union; therefore people are becoming fully aware of the local main products as well as the main products of Vietnam.
On the basis of the guidance documents of the Central and provincial Campaign Steering Committee, the Standing Committee of the provincial FU has consistently given directions to levels of its subsidiary FUs that every officers and farmers to put domestic products on the top of their list when it comes to purchasing stationeries and devices.
Therefore, through these years 100% of local FUs and the provincial FU have been purchasing, and using domestic stationeries and devices.
Along with integrating into the Union’s activities, levels of FUs have taken advantage of the direction of  the Executive Committee and the coordination of local governments to bring the campaign to every single officers, members and farmers.
The Union also focuses on strengthening its organization from provincial to grass-roots level, improving the quality of its activities through training programs, technology transfer, conversations, forums, creating sections and articles delivered to all local units in order to increase information sources to meet the needs of expanding production and consumption.

The Union has actively collaborated with scientists, corporations, credit associtations and NGOs so as to broadly propagate knowledge of technology, raise farmers’ awareness, help them understand guidelines and policies of the Communist Party and the State on agriculture, farmers and rural areas.
To provide support for farmers through services, the Union is cooprating with relevant organizations and science and technology program related to young plants, plant seeds, forming of safe vegetable and agri-product models, paddy field models, small scale reforestation, and groups and cooperative groups of poultry-cattle farming, etc.
The officers also give instructions to farmers that have need of applying papers to benefit from State preferential policies on  purchasing agriculture machinery; and cooperate with Agribank, Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, Farmers Supporting Fund and National Fund for Employment to raise fund to support farmers in production and building models.
To contribute to the production of main products for Ha Tinh’s market and help farmers develop, the Standing Committee of the provincial FU has constantly demanded levels of its subsidiaries to attract resources under the Conclusion  of the Secretariat and the Decision No. 673 of the Prime Minister in order to form and develop economic models.
Since then, levels of FUs have built thousands of production models such as pig farming model in Vu Quang, Huong Khe, Huong Son, Ky Anh; cow farming model in Thach Ha; captive cow farming model in Cam Xuyen, Ky Anh, Huong Khe, Huong Son, Duc Tho; fruit tree farming model in Huong Khe, Vu Quang, Huong Son; barramundi farming model in Thach Ha-Ha Tinh City; safe vegetable farming model in Thach Ha, Nghi Xuan, Cam Xuyen, etc.
Through these practical activities and programs, the Union has played an important part in farm household economic development, forming specialized cultivation areas, paddy field models, big farms, etc.
Besides, FU is also a propagation channel and an agency linking farmers to markets, to enterprises and to consumers. Several successful farm households were able to connect with enterprises and built large production models, trademarks for significant products and goods, such as Cam Bu Huong Son, Young Deer Antler (Huong Son), pig of Vu Quang, Ky Anh, Can Loc, and vegetable of Thach Van-Thach Ha.
Particularly, agri-product supply chain stores based in the provincial FU have brought many quality-guaranteed products to cosumers, e.g P6 Rice, Duc Tho Tam Rice, NA2 Thach Ngoc Rice, Cam My Wood Ear – Cam Xuyen, Son Tho Molasses – Vu Quang, clean vegetable in Thach Ha, Ha Tinh City and Duc Tho.
In the year of 2017, Ha Tinh FU focuses on enhancing the building of economic models, forming of production cooperative groups, cooperatives in order to contribute many main products to the market, meet the need of Ha Tinh’s areas so that the efficiency of the “Vietnamese using Vietnamese products” campaign can be improved.

Long Binh – by Hoa Mai
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