Models of environmental protection being spread in rural areas.
14:51 - 22/06/2017
(VNFU website)- The Prime Minister has already approved the pilot project on the improvement and development for models of environmental protection in new rural establishment at disadvantagous and rural communes at borders and islands towards socialization in the period of 2017-2020.
One of the aims of the Project is to develop models for clean water supply, in which, to review the shortcomings of the existing models.
Build up 14 models of centralized rural water supply (in 7 economic regions of the country) to promote the socialization with the participation of enterprises and community.

Create models of drinking water delivery to schools, local medical stations at island communes where there is no existing model.

Develop models of solid waste processing between villages/communes, in which there are new piloting 14 models developed between villages/communes (in 7 economic regions of the country).

Build up models of breeding waste processing. That is, to review, and to make assessment on effectiveness and suitability of the existing models (especially in pig rearing models).

In addition, propose and carry out the solutions to complete and improve technologies, method of management as well as appropriate mechanism and policies to effectively govern and operate the existing models, including policies to encourage the use of organic fertilizers, to help both create markets for service of breeding waste processing , protect the environment, and to be in line with orientation of developing organic agriculture.

Pilot new 7 models of collecting and processing pig waste (in 7 economic regions of the country) towards the method of compressing it into organic fertilizers for market sales.
Ngoc Chau – by Ngoc Anh
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