Meeting for VNFU Chairman and Enterprises
08:34 - 10/07/2017
On July 7th, the Meeting for VNFU Chairman and Enterprises investing in agriculture and rural area took place at the ALMAZ Convention Center (Long Bien, Ha Noi).
Mr. Lai Xuan Mon is talking with entrepreneurs investing in agriculture, farmer and rural area

As the Chair of the meeting, Member of Central Party Committee and Chairman of VNFU Mr. Lai Xuan Mon brought up 5 questions to discuss and analyse with enterprises investing in agriculture and rural area. They are:
Firstly, given that the Communist Party and the State have introduced several guidelines and policies aimed to promote enterprises to invest in agriculture and enhance the link between 4 parties (the State, scientist, enterprise and farmer) since Vietnam has a lot of potentials in agricultural development, why enterprises still don’t want to play a part in this?

Secondly, how to get enterprises and farmers to have a more solid relationship in agricultural production under a value chain and still be able to assure to harmonize the interests of all parties taking part in the chain?
Thirdly, what are Vietnamese farmers producing? How are they doing it? How are they consuming their products and at what price?

Fourthly, what is the role and the responsibility of enterprises in the connection with farmers to form material areas; predict market orientation for farmers; support inputs, apply technology and purchase agricultural products?
And finally, as being a sociopolitical organization representing farmers, what is the role of VNFU in helping the connection between farmers and enterprises get stronger and more efficient?
The Meeting went on very well and exciting as enterprises actively shared their difficulties, thoughts, and opportunities and challenges in order to find more efficient resolutions to improve the connection between enterprises and farmers.
To conclude the meeting, Mr. Lai Xuan Mon highly appriciated the enthusiasm and efforts of all enterprises and farmers participating in the meeting. VNFU acknowledged all 8 ideas and proposals of enterprises and 3 of those of farmers, and would submit them as advices to the Communist Party and the State on establishing mechanisms and policies in promoting agricultural development.

During the meeting, a signing ceremony of cooperation program between VNFU and several enterprises in support and instruction for farmers to develop production, establish a safe farming product chain, consume products, etc also took place.

 “VNFU together with enterprises investing in agriculture -  farmer -  rural area  must work harder in order to make the agriculture of Vietnam able to compete in the market, and also to enhance the intellectual and cultural content of farming products” – Mr. Lai Xuan Mon stated.
Dan Viet – by Hoa Mai
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