Growing vegetables should be like that of the 2,000 m2 8-Healthy Farm generating income of 350 million dong per month
08:40 - 10/08/2017
8 Healthy Farm’s 2,000 m2 of vegetables grown organically generate monthly income of 350 million dong.

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) currently has around 7,000 ha of safe vegetables under hi-tech farming models located in Hoc Mon rural district, Cu Chi rural district and District 9. These products are provided to consumers in HCMC, Vung Tau, Bien Hoa, etc.
8-Healthy Farm (District 9, HCMC) is one of the many hi-tech vegetables farming units taking organic methods and strictly following the process from seed selection to harvesting. Also, the water resources for farming is safe and guaranteed.
On the farm, farmers eliminate pests by hands rather than pesticides or any other kinds of chemicals in order to provide safe products. Therefore, though, the products might not be as appealing as other chemically involved products, their quality is great and guaranteed.
On the reason why he created 8-Healthy Farm, Pham Cong Chinh shared that it was because he always wanted to help people become healthy physically and mentally through safe vegetables. With the motto “Delicious is not enough, it must be safe for eating”, he has been very committed to developing his farm.
After the success in producing safe vegetables, he began to find outputs for his products. Initially, he gave vegetables to his relatives and friends as presents while seeking regular customers. Gradually, his products received positive feedbacks and increased in consumption.
8-Healthy Farm, which commenced production in October 2015, grows several kinds of vegetables such as lettuce, water spinach, asparagus pea, forest bitter gourd, cucumber, malabar spinach etc. Besides applying Dutch Hydroponics method and nutrient liquids for greenhouse vegetables, Chinh is also testing aquaponics methods in production on a small area of 300 m2. And recently, he has started growing organic vegetables on a 2,000 m2 ground.
Currently, products of the farm are mostly provided to single customers, online customers or other customers via hotline who are mainly young entrepreneurs, office staff, friends and relatives. These products bring in an average monthly income of around 350 million dong.
More than 50 stores want to become the branch of 8-Healthy Farm and distribute its vegetables, but as Chinh found the volume of production of the farm was not yet ready for that so he decided not to expand yet. However, he does have a plan to call for investment in this safe vegetables model in order to provide safe vegetables to many several consumers in the future.

VNE – by Minh Hue
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