Bac Giang Province: Over 80% trainees get stable job after receiving training
10:51 - 14/08/2017
(VNFU Website) – Currently, the total labors of the province are approximately 1,033,000 people, accounting 68% of the population and including 23.6% of labors in agriculture.

Vocational Training and Supporting Center subordinate to VNFU is a public non-business unit receiving fund from State budget.
The mission of the center is to organize vocational training, introduce jobs, organize workshops on technology transfer, building collective economic model, market information, and services as using the facilities of the Center.
From 2012 to 2016, Center had directly organized 36 mobile short-term vocational training course for 1,118 rural labours in sewing, welding, cultivation, veterinary medicine – livestock production, and other fields on demand. After these courses, there are 80% participants able to get stable jobs with average monthly income of 4-5 million dong. Furthermore, in collaboration with Bac Ninh Fishery College, the Center also organized 2 courses on fishery and intermediate veterinary medication-livestock production at the center; signed a contract with Tien Nong Fertilizer Company so that they would market their products at the showroom of the center.
Besides vocational training, Center also actively collaborates with professional facilities to organize 2 part-time courses (university level) on veterinary medicine – livestock and rural development for 142 people, 1 course (college level) on fishery and 1 course (intermediate level) on veterinary medicine for 90 participants. And annually, Center also builds plans and organizes workshops on technology transfer and establishing typical models.
The center also focuses on services as it counseled 48 people who wanted to work overseas and 10 of them was able to work in Japan. Together with Tractor and Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd, the Center has provided 162 agricultural machinery with the total value of 4 billion dong and also organized 6 classes on using and fixing agricultural machinery.
In 2016, the Center cooperated with Tien Nong Fertilizer Company to provide 4,500 tons of fertilizers which valued 30 billion dong and sign a contract which allow Tien Nong Company to display and market its products at the Center’s showroom; organized 4 cooperative courses (2 courses of university level, 1 course of college level and 1 intermediate course); managed 7 projects creating 120 jobs with the budget of 2 billion dong.
In order to achieve good result in vocational training, the center has renewed the content of its activities. For example, it starts organizing vocational training based on labours’ and local demands, linking vocational training to program for employment, and building collective models; developing activities in technology transfer, building typical models, cooperating with enterprises to find output for farmers, etc.
In the future, Center will continue to organize vocational training courses that meet the local demands of farmers, enterprises; expand the collaborative education in various majors; cooperate in labour export and establish employment service division in the structural organization of the center, promote technology transfer; build efficient economic models invested by both the State and enterprises, etc.
Minh Tam -  by Ngoc Anh
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