A unique model combining hydroponic vegetable farming with a café in Quang Nam
10:33 - 11/05/2018
Main income doesn’t just come from the garden, it also comes from the café, both of them create a harmonized space. Vegetables attract people to come the café, by which the sales of vegetable goes up as well.
People who come to the café can visit the model of clean vegetables.

The hydroponic vegetable garden of Nguyen Trinh Nhan (33, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province), located at the back of a café has been drawing a lot of attention.
Each customer coming to the café can learn the process to produce safe and good quality vegetables. This combination brings Nhan about 300 million dong in income each year.
Since day 1 of his biotechnology major student life at Da Nang University, Nhan has shown his passion for organic agriculture. Dreaming of building his own farming model one day, after graduating, he did some jobs to make his dream come true.
And 2017 was the right time. Nhan decided to get down to create his own 300 m2 hydroponic vegetable garden. Back in the day, this was a completely new thing. To make a name for his garden, he opened a café so that customers could enjoy coffee as well as visiting the garden.

According to Nhan, hydroponic vegetables are very different from traditional ones as they are grown by mist. Vegetables are grown with nutrient solutions in a water solvent, and after over 40 days, they can be harvested and put it on the market. All of the steps are automatic. However, this method is definitely not simple as it requires meticulousness, hard work and passion to actually make it work.
Customers that come to the garden not only have the chance to visit it but also receive introduction about this new vegetable farming method by Nhan.
By this way of doing, Nhan’s garden is getting more and more famous. Many people have chosen his products for their families’ meals. Taking it seriously, I have to keep studying more to master the techniques so that the garden can grow well and earn customers’ trust. Though it was only formed not long ago, it is likely to say that my model has achieved quite some initial success”, Nhan confided.
Besides selling at site, Nhan also sells his vegetables via social networks and online channels. On average, Nhan sells about 10 kilograms of vegetables each day.
Main income doesn’t just come from the garden, it also comes from the café, both of them creates a harmonized space. Even though the business is still very new, it can generate more than 300 million dong each year from both coffee and vegetables. And I’m planning to expand the scale for hydroponic farming in the near future”, said Nhan.
Le Khanh & Dinh Trung - translated by Minh Hue
Nguồn: Nong nghiep Viet Nam - http://nongnghiep.vn/
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