An Giang: Members, farmers actively participate in emulation movements
13:57 - 18/10/2018
(VNFU Website) – Mr. Nguyen Hong Kha, a good production and business farmer at the provincial level (Le Chanh Commune, Tan Chau Town), has actively participated in the construction of bridges, roads and mobilization of rice for many years.

He said: "In recent years, I have regularly participated in training courses on science and technology transfer. I applied knowledge learned to my fields and gained productivity, profit and economic efficiency."
As a part of act to implement guidelines of the Party and the State through the movement of good production and business farmers, Mr. Kha registers to participate in the movement every year and has been recognized as a good production and business farmer at the provincial level for many years. "I often think that with the development of the society day by day, if farmers only produce in the way using old habits and do not do research and learn from experiences, they will become outdated, especially in the time when the country is giving the green light for economic integration. Thus, farmers should be aware that they have to produce what the market "needs", not what the market "has" so as to stabilize and improve their livelihood", Mr. Kha shared.
Every year, when Le Chanh Communal FU organizes training courses on technology transfer, he mobilizes farmers to participate, follow instructions on the technical process of rice cultivation. In addition, he also mobilized many farmers in Phu Huu 1 Hamlet to build a new bridge for rural traffic, at Canal 26/3, upgrade 2 km of road in crop fields. In 2018, he continues to work with FU to build and repair 3 bridges for rural traffic in Phu Huu 1 Hamlet which cost a total of over 300 million VND mobilized from social contributions. Furthermore, for holidays, traditional Lunar New Year, he also joins the campaign to donate rice, mobilize support for poor households to help them stabilize their life.

Huu Hau - translated by Minh Hue
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