How do farmers in Ha Nam Province become the 4.0 farmers?
16:44 - 01/12/2018

(Dan Viet) As one of the localities having strongly developed high-quality agriculture, besides efforts to attract investments for the last time, Ha Nam has also promoted its available strengths. One of these strengths is to improve labor quality by agricultural vocational training courses.

Changes in production habits and income increase

Ha Nam – a province of traditional agricultural production in Northern Delta – has been known as the most developed province of high-tech agricultural production for recent time. The province has achieved such success by promoting advantages and improving quality of human resource, mainly trained rural labor. 
A high-tech vegetable farming class in Ha Nam. Photo: T.N

Mr. Le Van Son – a farmer in Nhan Binh Commune (Ly Nhan District) showed that he has become a 4.0 farmer thanks to studying safe vegetable farming techniques and knowing how to apply advanced science and technology.
“I did not have scientific knowledge before and I was backward. At present, a farmer may produce more products on 1 perch agricultural land. Therefore, income is increased.” – said Mr. Son.
Mrs. Khong Thi Thao told that the province would continue to combine vocational training for rural labor and job program, poverty alleviation program, new rural program ..., and strive for increase in trained labor up to 2020 (55%).
According to Mr. Trieu Quoc Dat – Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ha Nam Province, the province has planned 4 high-tech agricultural zones in Binh Luc District and Ly Nhat District with total area of about 300 ha and called for participation of some large enterprises and groups such as Vingroup and Vinaseed …
“Especially, to help the farmers adapt to scientific and technological revolution, the province has positively directed and pushed up vocational activity. Now the province has trained farmers into workers free of charge in the enterprise’s models” – further said Mr. Dat.
Agricultural restructure vocational training
Mrs. Khong Thi Thao – Chairwoman of Ha Nam Province Farmers’ Union – indicated that for furthering high-tech agricultural production, the provincial Farmers Union has proactively participated in vocational activities and created sustainable jobs for the farmers for past years. The Union has directed the Provincial Farmers Support and Vocational Center to directly organize many agricultural vocational courses such as safe vegetable production and VietGAP fruit tree plantation …
After 5 years of deployment, up to now, the Provincial Farmers Support and Vocational Center has directly organized 39 vocational courses for 1,351 farmers, in which the Center organized 36 vocational courses with 1,228 trainees under Decision No.1956/QD-TT. Specifically, 13 courses for 595 trainees for agricultural sector and 23 courses for 633 trainees for non-agricultural sector were organized. After training, over 80% of the labor had jobs and stable income…
Ta Nguyet - Translated by My Linh
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