Lao Cai: Head of the Farmer’s Union is at the Forefront of Developing Family Economy in highlands
10:24 - 03/12/2018
With determination and curiosity to learn how to develop a new economy, Mr. Ban Van Thanh, in Lung Xa 1 hamlet, Coc Ly commune, Bac Ha district, has made an effort to escape from poverty by a legitimate path.

Previously, he mainly cultivated corn and rice, causing poverty to remain attached. In 2013, with over 200 million dongs saved, and the loan from the district’s Social policy bank, he unscrupulously invested in his animal lodging for 60 porkers. After one year, two litters had been sold. In 2014, he made a move to invest 300 million dongs more to widen the breeding area for 150 porkers, which annually turns back over 200 million dongs of profit.Additionally, his family have planted more than 2 hectares of cinnamon on hilly lands, raising more than 100 chickens, planting more than 4 tons of corn, rice, generating the annual profit of over 100 million dongs.

Mr. Thanh at his cinnamon garden

In 2017, he purchases the local black pig breed to raise. At present, the family are raising over 70 pigs, since the early of 2018, his family have sold more than 2 tons of pigs, at the rate of 55 thousand dongs per kilogram, which is equivalent to 100 million dongs.
Moreover, he also buys more land to invest in economic afforestation, digging fish ponds so far, his family has 3 hectares of cinnamon, including two3-year old hectares. In 2018 he and his wife continue to invest more than 200 million dongs to buy land for fish ponds. Currently his family has more than 4000m2 of fish farming area. In 2018 by selling fish, pigs and chickens as well as harvesting corn and cinnamon his family earns more than 200 million dongs.
From 2011 up to now, he has been elected by local people to be the head of the village and elected by the members and farmers as the Head of Farmer’s Union of Lung Xa 1 Hamlet. He always actively propagated and persuaded the villagers to change the structure of plants and animals farming, contributing to the increase of income.

Vang Trang - Translated by Ngoc Anh
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