3,000 days of keeping and improving the uninhibited land into a place where birds fly, fish glide
16:18 - 28/04/2019
A farmer named Bui Minh Hoa has poured billions of dongs into the uncultivated Dao Bau pond rammer (at My Duc Ward, An Lao District, Hai Phong City) so as to turn it into large V.A.C  farm model (garden-pond-barn). With his enthusiasm, the farm has become a big eco-learning class opening opportunities for students to experience nature.   
3,000 days of keeping Dao Bau
We visited the Dao Bầu farm owned by Mr. Bùi Minh Hòa in the afternoon of late spring. Located next to Da Do river at the suburb of the harbour city, Dao Bầu is like the last stroke to embellish the painting of the countryside at the southwest of the city of phoenix flowers.
Mr. Hoa’s life is devoted to raising fishes, shrimps and farming. Photo taken byMr. The Bac.
"In order to create a large-scaled and multipurposed farm like Dao Bau, it not only needs big investment but also deep enthusiasm and passion. Additionally, my greatest happiness is the support from local authorities, society, my family and nature. These are the fulcrum for me to keep on contributing and  developing my plans...”said Bui Minh Hoa.
Seeing the orchards where grapefruits, bananas, guavas ... are flowering, smelling sweet;hundreds of colonies ofhoney bees are finding flowers for nectarand more than 40ha of fish farming area as well as thousands of square meters of breeding facilities..., I can feel Mr.Hoa’s enthusiasm for agriculture.
Mr. Hoa told that since coming from a farmer’s family, he has enjoyed raising fishes. From the time working for Bach Dang Construction Company then moving to petroleum business and transportation service, he fell in love with digging ponds. Every morning, he would wake up 2 hours earlier before going to work to drag fish for sale. In the evening, he also spent 2 hours after the meal,to take care of the fishes.
With his passion, he has spent all earnings from his own businesses for raising fishes, shrimps. Since 2004 in his retirement, he has invested largely to raising fish and building farm. He rented from residents ineffective rice paddy fields along Da Do river, then it took more than half year for him topick up the water hyacinth, dredge to form a pond rammer.The river was “tamed”, formed the curving C shape by him.
The huge and multipurposedeco-farm built by farmer Bui Minh Hoa.  Photo taken byMr. The Bac.
He has contacted to local schools and families for bringing their students, children to his farm to study, explore nature; to learn about rural life in the past and present. Young people not only enjoy natural scenery but they are also welcome to go fishing, cast net; cook rice, make parties; feed birds, fishes, chickens...
Mr. Hoa crazily accepted double tax payment to the State then lent money to pay for full transfer of land property.He even poured tens of billions of dongs into building road, obtaining electricity, building water plant...; invested a 2-kilometer road, a ditch to bring water to the fields for people in the area to use.
However, due to his boldness, he had to persue 37 land disputes submited by redidents who are abetted by the malefactors.  After the well-known lawsuit with 3,000 days of defending justice, protecting Dao Bau, land use right to more than 76ha of uncultivated pond rammer has been officially granted for Bui Minh Hoa.  
The Da Do aluminous river bank has become a complex farm with high potential for economic development. With his enthusiasm,  the unused land now looks like an "economic park" which is the modern model of farm economy. Among breeding facilities, lakes filled with shrimps and fishs, there are areas of fruit trees, fresh green vegetables, winding concrete roads...
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The whole landscape of the ecological farm is immense and beautiful as a masterpiece aquatic painting created by Mr. Bui Minh Hoa..
The pond area which is about 5km long, 100m wide, 7-8m deep is built for raising fishes such as mud carp, major carp, dory, carp...Each year, the production of meat fish is nearly 1,000 tons in addition to hundreds of millions of breeding fishes. At the edge, there are farms of 300 US pigs which value at  about 200 million VND per each; farm of porkers which sells 8,000 units every year; farm of laying hens, rear chickens with output of 40,000 eggs a day; and French doves are being tamed ...
Flocks of birds come
Dao Bau farm is as large as the farming area of whole village that let him fulfill the dream of a farmer. However, if it had been for profit no one would have invested in agriculture, because initial costs are high while loss or profit depends much on nature.
For Mr. Hoa, it is his passion and destiny’s choice. He is always so proud that owing to hard work, he has 100 employees got stable jobs. Even, It is happier that he has been repaid by nature.
Since there had Hoa’s farm at Dao Bau, various types of birds have come to reside, search food which created miraculous natural images.
Where there is good land, the birds will perch. Owing to green and fresh Dao Bau land, herds of white stork including thousands of have come to stay and grow permanently for years. Moreover, other kinds of birds such as teals, wild ducks, moorhen… and tens of precious birds with unknown names have flied to his land. Everyday, he gives those wild birds 4 quintals of fishes as “free breakfast”.
Being granted for such “natural treasure”, he has got the initiative to give opportunities for more people to enjoy it. In near future, beside the plan to develop the farm driven towards safe agricultural production, high-tech agriculture and organic agriculture for provision of safe and high-quality agricultural products, he is going to promote eco-tourism,   agri-tourism…
The idea has received a lot of attention from local administration, city’s departments and industries. Mr. Hoa himself had paid visits to typical models which combine agricultural production with green tourism, experience tourism,…After helpful visits, he bravely invested in building ecological garden house, restaurants,…
Mr. Bui Minh Hoa also contacted to local schools and families for bringing their students, children to his farm to study, explore nature; to learn about rural life in the past and present. Young people not only enjoy natural scenery but they are also welcome to go fishing, cast net; cook rice, make parties; feed the birds, fishes, chickens...
This is also a premise for students to develop living skills, skills to deal with the natural environment and supplement practical knowledge. For education, this is the ideal place for extracurricular hours; are the most vivid and realistic illustrations for school subjects such as biology, geography, literature...
Translated by Ngoc Anh
Nguồn: Danviet
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