Finding solutions for farmers when Vietnam joins TPP
17:12 - 16/11/2016
Joining TPP will bring not only opportunities but also many challenges for farmers to reach out to the international market.

In the morning of May 12, at the headoffice of Viet Nam Farmers’ Union (VNFU), a workshop on “Solutions for farmers when Vietnam joins Trans- Pacific Partnership Agreement- TPP”.

Attending the workshop, there were Mr. Leu Vu Dieu, VNFU First Vice- Chairman, Mr. Jong Ha Bae, chief representative of FAO in Vietnam, representatives of relevant departments and agencies and scientists, leading professionals, doctors in agricultural, rural sector,...

At the workshop, delegates discussed based on the studying document on the current situation, advantages and disadvantages as well as solutions when bringing  Vietnam agriculture to TPP.

The workshop was discussed through some presentations such as: "Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement-TPP, opportunities, challenges and solutions" by International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; "The consumption of agricultural products for farmers when Vietnam joins TPP- viewed from aspects of supply chain" by Dr. Pham Nguyen Minh, Director of Research Institute of Trade, Ministry of Industry and Trade; "The role of VNFU in supporting members, farmers to take advantage of opportunities, overcome difficulties and challenges when participating in TPP" by VNFU Economic Department; "Improving the competitiveness of Vietnam agricultural products when joining ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and implementing TPP" by Dr. Dang Kim Khoi, Institute of Policy and Strategic for Agricultural and Rural Development,...

Through the workshop, participants were frankly to point out opportunities, challenges when Vietnam joins TT, then, to have recommendations and proposals to join TPP in the most favorable way.
Mr. Leu Vu Dieu, VNFU First Vice - Chairman said that the workshop aimed to identify effective solutions, overcome the disadvantages, the possible downside of the agreement, while pointing out the opportunities, competitive advantages of Vietnam agricultural products when joining the agreement,... from which, to make recommendations to policy makers in the disassembly, helping farmers not be "lost at home", integrate with other countries in the world.

On the basis of the workshop, its objective is also to promote dissemination on awareness of farmers, prepare proactiveness, confidence, after nearly two years, they will have knowledge on science, technique, as well as market for the good results of integration, help farmers develop production, improve their lives,…
Through the workshop, regional representatives were open to give recommendations and proposals to help farmers with sustainable development.

Mr. Pham Nhu Duong, a pig-farm owner in Hong Ha Commune, Dan Phuong district, Hanoi, in the presentation of pig production development gave proposed recommendations to professional departments and agencies to concern and enable to link enterprises and livestock households, support farmers in the production and consumption of products, organize professional trainings, ensure environmental protection requirements for livestock production,…

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement- TPP includes 12 members of three continents (Asia, America and Australia) such as Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand , Peru, the US, Singapore, Japan and Vietnam.

Its scope covers most of the Pacific belt region, accounts for about 40% of global GDP, 25% of global trade, TPP trade accounted for about 32% of Vietnam export turnover in 2014, has been a surplus market with stable growth rate in recent years.

In addition, in the Agreement, many other issues related to the sustainable development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, such as fishing and combat illegal fishing, exploitation of wild animals and plants illegally. The commitments on market access of the agreement will open up a larger market opportunity for the development of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Vietnam.

Luong Lieu- Dang Tien – By Viet Ha
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