First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu received Agriterra Director.
10:08 - 22/03/2017
(VNFU Website) – In the afternoon March 21 in Hanoi, the First Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union had a meeting with Mr. Kees Blokland Director of Agriterra Holland.

Mr. Leu Vu Dien expressed his delight to the results of the 20-year collaboration between Agriterra and Vietnam Farmers’ Union, that has contributed to strengthening the friendship between the two countries. Agriterra has supported to apply the Policy Advisory Tool (FACT) which has been used effectively by local staffs at all levels, contributing to issue favorable policies for local farmers, and contributing to the good functioning of the Union in policy responses and feed back. As the result, the qualifications and capacity of the VNFU's staffs have improved,  many policies developed and responsed by the Union have been put into practice, bringing benefits to the farmers.
At the meeting, Mr. Kees Blokland expressed: By Agriterra experiences and strength especially in Vietnam Agriterra have been shared experiences in developing local cooperatives. Through the FU system Agriterra hope that the Policy Advisory Tools (FACT) will play an important roles in transaction of labours from agriculture from non agriculture; strengthen the voice of farmers in policy advocacy.
Mr. Kees Blokland also shared with the Vice Chairman on the role of farmer organization in the world have changed regularly, link with providing services to farmers. The traditional farmer organization operation was organizing meeting, workshop, exchange visit to local models… and the modern farmer organization using modern media channels such as internet, TV… to support and provide information and services to farmers. These farmer organizations are facing challengers in how to increase income to farmer members. Agriterra has the tools to support farmers accessing to modern information, help farmers play a key role in the development.
Mr. Dieu asked Agriterra continuing to support VNFU and farmers to overcome difficulties, effective competition in the domestic and international market and stainable development.
On be half of the Farmers’ Union, Mr. Leu Vu Dieu awarded the “Memorial Medal for Vietnamese peasantry” - the highest award of the Farmer Organization for Mr. Kees Blokland for his great contribution to Vietnamese farmers and VNFU’s activities.
Le Huy – by Mai Huong
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