VNFU - Agerigna : Cooperation in training to help farmers in production and agribusiness
10:50 - 09/08/2017
 (VNFU Website) – On August 7th, in Hanoi, VNFU and Agerigna (Korea) organized a signing ceremony of minutes in cooperation to develop the project “Applying information technology to connect farmers – Nongtalk”
Present at the ceremony were Mr. Lai Xuan Mon, Member of Central Party Committee, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) as the chair; Mr. Luong Quoc Doan and Mr. Pham Tien Nam, VNFU vice chairmen; Mr. Im Byung Min, Chairman of Agerigna; Mr. Kim Jong Kuk, Agerigna; Mr. Kim Kae Il, Director General of Lotte HPT; Mr. Choi Jong Phil, Director of Lotte Data Communications; and representatives of several departments of VNFU.
The cooperation agreement aims to build the framework for the cooperation between VNFU and Agerigna to develop the project “Applying information technology to connect farmers – Nongtalk”; create a platform for farmers to share their own knowledge and experience in production, business and their life as well; and also help them promote and consume their products which will contribute to the socio-economic development in Vietnamese rural areas.

Two parties agreed to build content and its order as follows: Building content and method of basic agricultural cultivation; seed and breed production; usage of pesticide; usage of agricultural machinary; product harvest, preservation, consumption and markets; medical and health care for farmer and family; education and travel for farmers’ children; Q&A.
Addressing at the ceremony, VNFU Chairman Lai Xuan Mon informed the delegates about the function, mission, structural organization and resources of VNFU. As farmers make up 70% of the population, VNFU has to play it part in taking care, protecting farmers’ rightful rights and benefits as well as developing rural economy, culture and society. And the responsibilities of VNFU are to counsel and bring vocational training to farmers, and develop supporting services for farmers in production development in order for them to improve their life.
According to Chairman Lai Xuan Mon, despite the fact that over the years agriculture has been the pillar of Vietnam economy, it is still facing many problems and challenges such as international economic integration and climate change. Moreover, though Vietnamese farmers are hard-working, they are not doing business in the professional way making their agricultural products may be exported in large quantities but not in good quality and prices. This is really one of the big issues that farmers currently have to deal with.
Therefore, at present, Vietnam is focusing on sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural development with hi-tech. And with this fact, VNFU really appreciates Agerigna for its passion to support Vietnamese farmers. Both parties agreed to execute Nongtalk project in 10 steps and expected that this would help Vietnamese farmers exploit their advantages to develop agriculture as well as bring their agricultural products to the next level so that soon they can compete with products of other countries.
Furthermore, the collaboration between VNFU and Agerigna can help farmers approach to various practical knowledge and skills in agricultural production, and also boost the agriculture of the country.
Speaking at the work session, Mr. Im Byung Min, Chairman of Agerigna highly evaluated the role and the place of VNFU. Mr. Im said that with its longtime experience in information technology and resources in technology and personnel network, the cooperation between VNFU and Agerigna will succeed to help Vietnamese farmers enhance technology application in production and value improvement for Vietnamese agricultural products.
According to the agreement, Agerigna will be in charge of support in education and operation after the launch of “Applying information technology to connect farmers – Nongtalk”; and finding resources and raising fund from other partners such as smartphone providers, telecommunication companies, universities, etc. in order to develop and operate this system.
Thanh Hue – By Mai Huong
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