Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) - German Farmers’ Association (DBV): Dual vocational training for Vietnamese farmers
10:00 - 06/10/2017
(VNFU Website) – That is target presented at the seminar on “Reviewing the outcomes of Cooperation Project DBV-VNFU on vocational training in the 2012-2017 period” hosted by VNFU First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu on October 5th in Hanoi.

The overview of the seminar

Participating in the seminar, there were Dr. Helmut Born - Former Secretary General of DBV, Hermann Huckert – Expert of German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, representatives of departments and units from national and provincial FUs, and farmers from 30 cities, provinces.

The particular target of the project between VNFU and DBV is to cooperate, exchange knowledge and experience mainly in training and strengthening agricultural knowlegde for farmers, improve professional skills for VNFU’s staff, especially managing staff and vocational teachers.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu affirmed that after 6 years of implementation, the project had achieved many outcomes which positively impacted farmers and VNFU’s staff and leaders from national level to grass-roots ones.
Particularly, in 2012-2017 period, the farmers’s associations of the two countries have sent 15 cadres with 146 persons to Germany; organized 6 national level seminars in Vietnam for nearly 600 participants, 65 workshops and meetings at the headquarters of VNFU and cities/provinces for cadres to share experience with VNFU’s staff and vocational teachers, etc.   
Activities conducted by DBV, information on agriculture in Germany and the German dual vocational training were shared widely with staff, vocational teachers, members, farmers of provincial FUs and Center for Vocational Training and Supporting Farmers. Furthermore, VNFU also compiled a new curriculum and teaching materials focusing on practical training at farms and facilities with at least 75% of practice hours added.
Dual vocational training was practice-based and carried out systematically as it was the prerequisite for farmers to be able to produce efficiently.
In order to renew vocational training method and create jobs, during the project implementation period, VNFU had built a vocational training model for rural labors accompanied by the good production and business farmers model.

Trainees participating in vocational training courses were taught and guided through business plan writing, market seeking, technology application to production, etc. by good production and business farmers. As a result, many trainees had gained knowledge and skills to apply to work or find themselves a new job. Moreover, after training courses, trainees also received counseling and apprenticeship at enterprises and economic organizations through VNFU’s recommendation.
In additon, professional secondary schools and vocational training centers of VNFU had taken the initiative in compiling new practice-based textbooks and curriculum so that trainees could understand and apply easily. As the curriculum comprised 30% of theory and 70% of practice and the training content was based on the real demands of trainees combining with product chain development, trainees could immediately apply what they had learnt to agricultural production.

Having been applying what he learned in Germany to agricultural production, farm managment and practice training, Dang Dinh Tien, Director General of Tien Vien JSC., shared that after the learning trip in Germany, he in collaboration with the Professional Secondary School of VNFU had organized 3 dual vocational training courses for 20 trainees in 6-month period. Along with that, he and his company had been gradually studying the value chain, especially that of organic products for export and aiming to export organic products in a sustainable value chain.
Director of Hai Duong provincial Center for Vocational Training and Supporting Farmers, Nguyen Ngoc Tuyen stated: In 2 years (2015-2017), the center had organized 51 dual courses for 1,785 members and farmers. Theory and practice integrated method helped trainees learn much easier and also have more time to discuss during class. Exchange trips to real models during these courses were the chance for them to develop their skills which were applied efficiently to production. Thanks to this, 45 new cooperative groups and production groups were formed in the province.
To conclude the seminar, VNFU First Vice Chairman, Leu Vu Dieu aked DBV and the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture to keep collaborating to find new sponsors for further cooperation between the two in the following domains: capacity enhancement training for VNFU’s staff, members, farmers, farm owners on market, farm management, quality management; support in access to German and European market, trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany for Vietnamese farmers; building agro-forestry development models; environment protection and climate change adaption; agro-tourism models development; organizing exchange trips for Vietnamese farmers in Germany and promoting rural tourism activities.

Representing the German party, expert of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Hermann Huckert affirmed: The dual vocational training model was the key to success. Thus, in order for more and more members and farmers of VNFU to be able to access to advanced agriculture knowledge and experience, the expansion of this model was extremely necessary. And the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture and DBV were always very happy to support and cooperate as well as seeking new sponsors so that more Vietnamese farmers could attend in exchange trips in German in the future.

VNFU Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu rewarded the “For Vietnamese Peasantry Memorial Medal” for Mrs. Anna Lison Culca, expert of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the manager of GFA project
During the seminar, Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu also rewarded the “For Vietnamese Peasantry Memorial Medal” for Mrs. Anna Lison Culca, expert of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, the manager of GFA project and the Certificate of Merits of the Executive Committee of VNFU for miss Nguyen Thi Tuyet Minh, staff of AgrarKontakte International (AKI), for her contributions to vocational training in particular and Vietnamese peasantry in general.
Hoang Minh - translated by Ngoc Anh
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