German Farmers’ Association (DBV) – Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU): Cooperation to help Vietnamese farmers in international integration
11:00 - 04/10/2017
(VNFU Website) - On October 2nd, Member of Central Party Committee, Chairman of the Executive Committee of VNFU Central Committee, Lai Xuan Mon had a meeting and working session with the cadre of German Farmers’ Association (DBV) led by its Former Secretary General, Dr. Helmut Born.

Addressing at the working session, VNFU Chairman Lai Xuan Mon congratulated Germans on major social-political events recently took place in Germany. He also expressed his congratulations towards the Chairman of DBV who was elected the chairman of the European Farmers Association, his gratitude towards German Government for always helping and facilitating the cooperation between DBV and VNFU, which benefited Vietnamese farmers greatly.
In regard to cooperation projects and programs between DBV and VNFU in the last 6 years, Chairman Lai Xuan Mon stated: Both parties had been collaborating and reaching many achievements together. Through cooperation projects and programs, awareness of many leaders, managers, vocational teachers, members and farmers as well as activities of VNFU had had tremendously changes.
There are four specific achievements standing out after the cooperation: (i) The relationship between the two countries as well as that of the two organizations is strengthened; (ii) The thinking and the measures of Vietnamese officers, members and farmers have changed, and a scattered, small scale production has turned into a cooperative one developing in value chain; (iii) Staff of VNFU have come to know how to build and conduct a project, VNFU members and farmers have come to know how to write a business plan; (iv) Farmers’ income and living conditions are improved, Vietnam agriculture achieves many positive changes.
“Especially, after exchange trips to Germany, many excellent members and farmers have been applying very well what they learned in Germany to their own farms and creating high economic efficiency. Moreover, these farmers also actively play their role in education and vocational training so that many other farmers can benefit from their knowledge”, said Chairman Lai Xuan Mon.
From those positive results, Chairman Lai Xuan Mon hoped that the two organizations would continue to cooperate and support each other in agriculture, rural development and vocational training. He also asked DBV to keep consulting and recommending German Government to build phase 2 of the project in order to help Vietnamese farmers to overcome difficulties and challenges, and Vietnam agriculture modernize and soon be able to integrate into the global economy. Furthermore, Mon expressed his desire to elevate the project to building cooperative models between farmers and farmers, farmers and enterprises in value chain.
“Though phase 1 of the cooperation project between VNFU and DBV is about to end at the end of 2017, the strong relationship between the two countries and the two organizations will be everlasting”, Chairman Lai Xuan Mon firmly stated.
“Vietnam is always in my heart” is the way that Former Secretary General of DBV, Dr. Helmut Born expressed his feeling towards Vietnam. Evaluating the results of the DBV-VNFU Cooperation Project in the last few years, Dr. Born said that DBV would consult the German Government to continue building phase 2 of the project in the near future.
As one of the activities of evaluation process, VNFU and DBV are going to visit some agricultural models producing in value chain in Bac Ninh and Hung Yen Province. Next, the two organizations are to join hand to organize a seminar on sharing experience of value chain development in agricultural production on October 4-5th in Hanoi.
Ngoc Minh – translated by Minh Hue
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