Agricord to evaluate the efficiency of the investment for VNFU
14:05 - 09/10/2017
(VNFU Website) – Following the proposal of Asian Partnership for the Development of Human Resources in Rural Asia (AsiaDHRRA) and Cooperative Strategic Alliance Belgium (CSA) - members of Agricord, VNFU had had working sessions with the external evaluation cadre of Agricord from September 25th to October 6th.

The target of the cadre is to evaluate the results of the implementation of the “Farmers fighting poverty” program of VNFU based on the support of Agricord via its members which include CSA, AsiaDHRRA and WeEffect.
The results of the evaluation will be the ground for Agricord to prepare strategic capacity building program for farmers’ organizations in developing countries including VNFU and support farmers in the next phase of the “Farmers fighting poverty” program.
The cadre had visited a few models of cooperatives and cooperative groups receiving support from AsiaDHRRA, CSA via VNFU in Long An and An Giang Province. The cadre also spent time studying efficient support methods of the project, especially the ones for developing cooperatives and cooperative groups in value chain; difficulties and challenges emerging during the implementation of the project and farmers’proposals.
After evaluating the project, the experts will give advices on how to expand successful models with the current approaches and good methods of the project, enhance the collaboration and cooperation between members of Agricord with VNFU and partners in Vietnam, which will help farmers develop their capacity in production and business, increase income and improve their living conditions.
Viet Ha
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