VNFU – Netherland: To enhance the value chain of dragon fruits
16:40 - 13/03/2018
(VNFU Website) – On March 12, in Hanoi, VNFU Vice Chairman Pham Tien Nam had a working session with a delegation of netherlandish experts headed by Peter Prins, Director of Prins Land, Water and Food Consult.

Vice Chairman Pham Tien Nam informed the delegation with the current situation of Vietnam agriculture, farmers and countryside and VNFU activities.

The vice chairman stated VNFU was a socio-political organization mainly aiming at protecting legitimate rights and benefits of farmers; providing services, advisory and support activities, and vocational training for farmers; directly taking part in programs, projects for economic, cultural, social development in the countryside. The Union was organized in four levels from Central to grassroots level with more than 100,000 branches in villages.
During the working session, both parties had discussed to seek for partners inside and outside the country in order to finalize the proposal for the project of enhancing the dragon fruit value chain; potential sponsors to form a sustainable dragon fruit value chain in Southern provinces of Vietnam which was expected to be based on sustainable production and distribution, long-term domestic and international market orientation so as to boost lasting growth in economy and jobs.

Vice Chairman Pham Tien Nam firmly said that as Netherlands was a country with developed agriculture he hoped the country to support Vietnamese farmers in technology application and production to improve produce quality and preservation which would pave the way for export to potential markets worldwide.
To strengthen production, export and seek consumption markets for dragon fruits of Vietnam both in and out of the country in a sustainable way, in time to come, both parties will closely work together to develop a sustainable value chain for dragon fruits.

“To play our role more positively, we (VNFU) are always pleased to collaborate on dissemiation, movements and technology transfer towards our members and farmers to meet the mutually agreed terms”, the Vice Chairman expressed.

Thanh Bich - translated by Ngoc Anh
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