VNFU - AGERIGNA Co. (South Korea):
To bring IT to farmers
09:24 - 19/03/2018
(VNFU Website) – On March 16, in Hanoi, VNFU organized a meeting to discuss the Draft of cooperation agreement on establishing and operating “Center for applying information technology to connect farmers – Nongtalk Center. The meeting was chaired by VNFU First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu.
First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu addresses at the meeting

VNFU and AGERIGNA (South Korea) have been discussing to finalize and sign a cooperation agreement. Nongtalk Center is expected to provide necessary information, knowledge regarding farmers’ production, business and life; promote exchanging, sharing information, experiences, machinery, facilities, warehouse, stores, services in production, business and life among farmers; promote cooperation among farmers, and farmers with other partners in value chains; building the agricultural auction markets, warehouses, introducing mobility and smart farm for marketing, sales, export, distribution and auction of agricultural products.

Addressing at the meeting, First Vice Chairman Leu Vu Dieu firmly stated: “The establishment of Nongtalk Center is certainly a right move catching up with the current wave of the 4th agricultural revolution, helps satisfy the practical needs of farmers and also suitable with guideline of VNFU which is to focus on organizing advisory, support and training activities for farmers.”

The Vice Chairman also required participants to concentrate on discussion to complete the draft agreement before it is sent to relevant bodies so that the center, in the future, can fully play it role, fulfill all of its expected purposes, and optimally support members, farmers in their rights, benefits.

International Cooperation Department (VNFU) acknowledged and recorded all participants’ ideas, comments etc. to continue to work on the Draft so that the two organizations could soon end up signing the agreement.

Hoang Minh - translated by Hoa Mai
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