Request for support in training for VNFU young staff
10:55 - 09/07/2018
(VNFU Website) - That’s part of the working session between Chairperson of VNFU, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung and Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, Special Advisor to the Japan – Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, President of TOA Institution, Mr. Tsutomu Takebe in Hanoi on July 6.
Chairperson of VNFU, Thao Xuan Sung, and President of TOA, Tsutomu Takebe exchange words.

Also present at the meeting were Vice Chairpersons of VNFU, Nguyen Hong Ly and Luong Quoc Doan, heads of related departments and units of VNFU, and First Secretary of Embassy of Japan in Vietnam, Hiroshi Matsuura, and representatives of JICA Tokyo and JICA Vietnam.
Addressing at the meeting, Chairperson of VNFU, Thao Xuan Sung, expressed his joy over welcoming Mr. Tsutomu Takebe and firmly stated that Mr. Takebe was a special friend of Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the State of Vietnam.

The chairperson informed that he had reported to Politburo, Secretariat Committee, VNFU Standing Committee, and also collaborated with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance and other relevant ministries and sectors to organize training workshop on ‘Japanese experiences in agriculture, farmers and rural development – Lessons learned from reality’.

He proposed organizing the workshop in 2-day time at the beginning of September in Hanoi with 350 participants that were key staff of VNFU, agriculture and new style rural area construction related ministries and sectors. Mr. Takebe and the chairperson were expected to co-chair the event, said he.

Japanese speakers would be experts of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, TOA Institution, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japanese Agricultural Cooperative Group (JA Group), Embassy of Japan in Vietnam and JICA Vietnam, etc., he added

Mr. Sung was looking forward to hearing both the successful stories and failures experienced by Japan to develop agriculture, and Japanese policies on encouraging farmers to stay in rural areas from Japanese speakers during the time of the workshop. He considered this a precious gift that Japanese speakers were going to give to Vietnam.

On the training for VNFU young staff, heads of cooperatives and farmers in Japan, the Chairperson informed that VNFU had discussed and agreed on a few directions for it.  As one of CPV’s urgent requirements was to rejuvenate at least 30% of State’s leaders at department and division level, it was necessary for VNFU to train young leaders in the next 10 years, and to meet the requirement VNFU needed a hand from TOA, Embassy of Japan, JICA, etc., he emphasized.  
In his opinion, the Chairperson stated that he knew the Union had many young staff that were university graduate but hadn’t had skill sets to be a farmer. For that reason, he asked TOA, the Embassy and JICA to do their best to support the training demand for 100 staff of VNFU in the next five years. He hoped, those staff would have the opportunity to learn from and work in Japanese hi-tech agriculture environment, become fluent in Japanese, experience Japanese culture, especially production culture, in one-year time. Coming back from Japan, those staff would be assigned to be consultants and heads at levels of VNFU with certain guarantee from local authorities, he shared. He also pledged that VNFU would closely manage all the staff and farmers, etc. sent to Japan for training purpose.
Commemorative photograph

Mr. Takebe was extremely supportive of the workshop. He informed that he had made all the necessary arrangements for the workshop and suggested the workshop should be focus on three major subjects: Making quality agricultural products and guaranteeing food safety, developing farmers’ cooperatives, creating modern communities in rural areas.

From his point of view, development gap between Japan and Vietnam was about 30 years, he said. However, he hoped that in the next 10 years Vietnam could narrow the gap since agricultural development in Japan had had to advance with the lack of natural resources while agricultural production was Vietnam’s strength. Thus, Vietnam would have the opportunity to learn from both success and failure of Japan, he added. He also believed that with the current growth rate Vietnam would make great achievements very soon.

Moreover, Mr. Takebe proposed that Embassy of Japan, JICA in Vietnam and representatives of Japanese enterprises along with professors from Vietnam Japan University should hold a talk monthly with VNFU staff to share ideas, information about agriculture, find new cooperation opportunity, etc.

On training for key young staff of VNFU in Japan which is aimed at developing quality human resources to lay foundation for agricultural development, he suggested taking advantage of the trainee and intern program allowing those staff to work and study in Japan in one year to acquire knowledge about operating cooperatives and policy-making to consult and guide Vietnamese agriculture to development.

Quang Anh - translated by My Linh
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