Farmer’s Union staff shares experiences in policy advocacy
17:11 - 01/12/2018
It is one of the objectives of the workshop on sharing experiences in policy advocacy through applying Farmers Advocacy Consultation Tool (FACT) organized by Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) in coordination with Agriterra in the morning of November 01 in Hanoi. 
The 1st Vice-Chairman of VNFU, Mr. Leu Vu Dieu, addresses the opening ceremony of the workshop
The workshop is organized and chaired by the 1st Vice-Chaiman of VNFU, Mr. Leu Vu Dieu and Mr. Luc Groot – Deputy Country Director of Agriterra Vietnam with participation of Vietnamese and international senior experts, members of FACT management unit and leaders of the provincial and municipal Farmers’ Unions (FU).
The workshop is to evaluate initial results of some provincial and municipal FU in applying FACT to propose programs and projects having been deployed for past time. At the same time, the delegates share and discuss skills to learn lessons about better FACT application in practice and plan to continuously promote efficiency of FACT for next time.
Addressing the workshop, Mr. Leu Vu Dieu, the 1st Vice-Chaiman of VNFU evaluated that for past years, FUs have positively and proactively organized implementation of the Communist Party’s and the State’s policies and actively participated in the supervisory teams to give social critics and suggestions on amending, supplementing and completing policies and mechanisms related to agriculture, farmers and rural development … However, many contents in such policies and mechanisms have been unsatisfied in real.
“To remedy these limitations, VNFU staff need to be provided with knowledge, skills and approaches to grasp thoughts and aspirations as well as actual demands and difficulties of the farmers as the basis for studying proposals and recommendations for allocating resources and budgets and adjusting farmer support policies” – confirmed Mr. Leu Vu Dieu.
FACT project has been deployed since 2015 by Agriterra Netherlands in coordination with VNFU in 10 provinces and cities of Vietnam. FACT is a tool to support the farmers’ leaders in designing opinions from its members, on a basis of collecting various information and opinions from the meetings and consultations at the grassroots; and then consolidating and analyzing them in a scientific and full manner for proposal and recommendation.
At the workshop, the provincial and municipal FU appreciated efficiency and reality of FACT such as systematical, democratic approach to ensure policy mobilization contents based on actual demands of the members and farmers; and proposals and recommendations to the agencies, the Party and the State with higher convincingness.
Thereby, VNFU at all levels have achieved obvious results in policy mobilization; role and position of the Union are recognized and further concerned by the local authorities, contributing to the Union’s effectively fulfilling his duties and functions. Particularly, the specific results are obtained through adjusting policies, mobilizing resources at the localities and bringing practical benefits for its members and farmers and for the Union in general.
The delegation discusses and shares experiences by FACT with international experts
Sharing experiences in policy mobilization through FACT, Mrs. Tran Thi Tuyet Huong, Chairwoman of Hung Yen provincial FU showed that thanks to effective application of FACT, the FU have obtained recognizable results in adjusting policies, mobilizing resources and bringing practical benefits for their members and farmers in the locality. Specifically, since 2015, Hung Yen provincial FU has obtained approval of the provincial People’s Committee on annual allocation of 5 billion VND to the provincial Supporting Fund for Farmers; thereby, the members and farmers can be financed in the household form, contributing to increase in investment resources and effective production and business; 10/10 districts and cities of the FU have been financed 100-500 million VND from the budget source.
From the Union’s proposals submitted to the non-governmental organizations (NGOS), it has designed projects to attract fund sources and support the farmers in production development, deploy programs such as Quang Tri Happiness Project in the FUs of 06 communes and implement saffron starch production, packing and consumption model in Gio An Commune – Gio Linh District with 900 million VND; bio-sustainability-directed green bean farming model in Ba Long Commune – Dakrong District with 900 million VND; and reproductive and commercial rabbit raising model in Cam Hieu Commune – Cam Lo District with 832.5 million VND… At present, these models are effective and the provincial at all levels are directing and organizing a workshop to learn lessons about multiplication in the locality.

Delegates in the workshop take photos with leader of VNFU and international experts

Ngoc Minh - Translated by Viet Ha
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