Quang Binh provincial FU: continues to promote the cooperation programmes with provincial Departments and Agencies in 2019
14:02 - 04/01/2019
Quang Binh provincial FU (Farmers’ Union) organized a meeting to review the cooperation programmes with relevant provincial Departments and Agencies in 2018 and discuss on the programmes in 2019. It is the annual meeting supported to 15 provincial FUs under the Medium Term Cooperation Programme between the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Asia- Pacific Farmers’ Organization (MTCP2) through VNFU International Cooperation Department (ICD- VNFU).


An overview of the meeting
During the year, the Provincial FU signed a Cooperation Programme with the Provincial People's Committee on disseminating and mobilizing farmers to produce and trade in safe agricultural products and foods for public health in the period of 2018-2020; organized 08 training courses on food safety for 640 participants who then signed a commitment on safe food production and trading.
Also, the Provincial FU cooperated with the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to disseminate on the guidelines and policies related to agriculture, farmers and rural areas of the Party and State; organized 04 training courses on agricultural materials monitoring, implemented monitoring activities at 2 pilot models undertaken by the Provincial FU; selected and introduced typical products to participate in the National Exhibition of 10-year achievements in implementing the Resolution of the Xth Party Central Committee's 7th plenum on agriculture, farmers and rural areas; voted on typical agricultural products in 2017; nominated 01 individual to participate in the first "Farmers’ Scientists” honor programme in 2018.
Implementing the Program in collaboration with the provincial Sustainabe Rural Development for the Poor Project (SRDP- IFAD) Management Board, the two Parties cooperated to organize training courses on enhancing policy advocacy capacity for 195 FU staff, directors of cooperatives, leaders of cooperaive groups; organied a contest on "Understanding smart model of climate change adaptation in the targeted area"; established 06 ToT clubs, a workshop to assess the current status of cooperatives, cooperative groups who funded by the project; organized learning exchanges to share experiences on collective economy and produce value chains within and outside the province.
In addition, the Provincial FU cooperated with the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs to implement programs on vocational training for rural workers, building sustainable poverty reduction models; cooperated with the Department of Industry and Trade to disseminate and respond widely to ‘’Vietnamese give priority to Vietnamese goods’' campaign among officials, members and farmers; organized 02 training courses on market development skills for 200 cooperative directors, cooperative groups and business households in the area; deployed "commercial pheasant breeding" model supported by the Department of Science and Technology; cooperated with Department of Natural Resources and Environment to build a pilot model on "Farmers to collect and process waste to contribute to environmental protection of traditional craft villages, build new rural areas", organize 01 training course on waste collection, classification and treatment in rural areas, support to build a cows breeding model for ethnic minority households under the program in coordination with the Department of Ethnic Minorities; continued to coordinate with the provincial Social Insurance to disseminate and mobilize members and farmers to participate in social insurance and health insurance. Besides, in order to create conditions for members and farmers to expand production and business development, the Provincial FU trusted with the Bank for Social Policies, the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development and commercial banks to support people to borrow capital with total outstanding loans of over VND 2 trillion.
In 2019, the Provincial FU will keep cooperating with other relevant Departments and Agencies in implementing the contents related to agricultural and rural development, promoting the transfer and application of scientific and technical advances into production, export and protecting the environment adapted to climate change; programs and projects of the province on collective economic development and new rural construction to expand and promote the creation of resources to support farmers in production development, income generation and the local socio-economic development.

Quang Binh FU - Translated by My Linh
Nguồn: hoinongdanquangbinh.org.vn
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