VNFU – ADDA: Cooperation in knowledge transfer to farmers
11:30 - 28/06/2019
(VNFU Portal)- In the morning of 19th June 2019, Dr. Thao Xuan Sung –Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union had a meeting with Mr. Ove Gejl Christensen –Vice Chairman of Agricultural Development Denmark Asia (ADDA).

At the meeting, VNFU’s Chairman Thao Xuan Sung expressed his great pleasure of having had a sucessful mission to Denmark.

Dr. Thao Xuan Sung (right)– Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Uniondiscussed with Mr. Ove Gejl Christensen (left) – Vice Chairman of Agricultural Development Denmark Asia (ADDA) at the meeting
Mr. Sung, VNFU’s Chairman desired the cooperation between two organizations to be upgraded to new level and renovated in the method in the future.Chairman suggested that ADDA consider to support fund and teachers so as to organize training courses on knowledge transfer to leaders of VNFU’s levels and goodfarmer households for overall vision.
To make it reality, ADDA will be the center for coordinating VNFU with Danish Agriculture and Food Council (DAFC) to organize training classes at School for Training Farmers for VNFU’s officials and heads of large-scale agricultural production households to study about farm management, agricultural exports.

“I hope that the cooperation will help Vietnamese farmers improve their knowledge with an aim to turn Vietnam into one of the biggest and mostprestigous agricultural countries in the world”, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung revealed.

All delegates took the souvenir photo
Spoke at the meeting, ADDA’s Vice Chairman Ove Gejl Christensen expressed his high appriciation to the cooperation between two organizations over the past few years. He is willing to provide technical support to Vietnamese farmers to enhance development in agricultural economy. If Vietnam has large-scale farms at international level, ADDA willhelp transfer kwowledge on efficient farm operation and management to Vietnamese farmers.

“One of the main factors that led to current development of Denmark is the long-life process of self-study, self-motivation, strive and mature of Dennish farmers” – advised the ADDA’s Vice Chairman Ove Gejl Christensen.
Kim Hue translated by Hoa Mai
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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