Closing program of Friendship Meetings for Farmers in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia: Strengthening solidarity, assistance and sharing among farmers in three countries
09:25 - 03/12/2019
The closing ceremony took place tonight (December 2) at the Administrative Center of Lam Dong province. Earlier at Lam Vien square, Da Lat city, Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition has signed a cooperation agreement to support the application of high technology in the food safety chain and ensure product consumption with businesses and cooperatives.

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung hoped that the program will be a bridge for farmers from three countries to share and help each other to develop prosperity

After 3 working days with a high sense of responsibility, "The program of friendship meeting for farmers of three countries from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam in combination with green agricultural fair" has completed all the set out contents and programs successfully.
Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Pham S, Vice Chairman of Lam Dong People's Committee said that the Program had the participation of over 300 delegates. Through the activities, participants shared, exchanged experiences and applied high technology in production, supporting farmers to consume agricultural products. With 255 booths arranged originally but due to the additional registration, the Organizing Committee had to increase to 264 booths with the participation of 233 businesses and units; in which: Lao and Cambodian delegations have 25 booths with 42 enterprises and cooperatives; Lam Dong with 89 booths, Farmer's Union of provinces and cities: 230 booths.

Organizing Committee decided to award certificates of merit to 80 units: if which: Lam Dong Province: 8 units; Farmer's Union, Cooperative Union: 15 units; enterprises: 24 units; Cooperatives: 8 units; Laos: 18 units; Cambodia: 6 units.
The Organizing Committee awarded the Certificates of Merit to the Delegations

Speaking at the Closing Ceremony, the representative of the Delegation of the Lao PDR, Mr. Nhiakerya Nochochongtoua, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee for Lao National Construction Front thanked the Vietnam Farmers Union Central Committee, leaders and people of Lam Dong province for creating conditions for the delegation to complete the task and achieve many good results. He affirmed that this is an opportunity for Lao businesses and farmers to learn agricultural production experience and apply high technology to production and processing; and also is the opportunity to share and exchange culture between the three countries; He thanked the people of Lam Dong province for visiting, consuming and understanding the booths of the Lao Delegation at the Fair.
He also appreciated and pledged to support Vietnam and Cambodia in various fields so that the solidarity between the three countries became increasingly close. He hoped that this would also be a bridge for agricultural enterprises in three countries in the future and a start for the Friendship Meeting and the Green Agricultural Fair of 3 countries to be held in Laos next year.
Sharing at the Closing Ceremony, the representative of the Lao PDR delegation, Mr. Meas Pyseth, Deputy Secretary of the State, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia expected three countries support, encourage and mobilize farmers to produce green agricultural products; improve the value of agricultural products. He appreciated the Friendship Meeting Program this time and thanked the leaders of the Party and State of Vietnam for taking time to meet the Laos and Cambodian Delegations. As coming back home, the delegation will report the learning experiences to Cambodian farmers. He also agreed with the organization of the annual Friendship Program and emphasized that the Cambodian people never forget the sacrifices and contributions of the Vietnamese people in the past as well as the support and sharing today.
Speaking at the closing ceremony, President of Vietnam Farmers Association, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung was touched and shared: the friendship meeting combination with the Green Agricultural Fair was successful. He thanked the enthusiastic participation of the two delegations of Laos and Cambodia. Through the seminar, many solutions, recommendations and proposals will be submitted to the leaders of the Party and State of the three countries.
Through the Green Agricultural Product Fair, it contributes to raise the awareness of the people in the production of green agricultural products. The fair also introduces the achievements that agriculture, farmers in 3 countries has achieved; strengthen connection between businesses, farmers, managers to produce the best agricultural products. Cultural and artistic programs have also conveyed the characteristics of the Central Highlands; enhance understanding and cultural exchange between international friends.

On behalf of the Vietnam Farmers Union Central Committee, he suggested and proposed to the Party and the State to assign the Vietnam Farmers Union Central Committee:
Firstly, to build a scheme to enhance cooperation between Farmers Association of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in developing agriculture, farmers and rural areas for the prosperous development of the people of each country.

Secondly, organize regular and annual meetings between farmers in provinces bordering Vietnam and Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia; forming and developing unified mechanisms to enhance the coordination among ministries, departments, concerned agencies, local governments and mass organizations in implementing activities related to agriculture, farmers, rural area of each country.

Thirdly, there is a policy on training to improve the knowledge and capacity of farmer organizations in three countries to improve the quality of information, propaganda and mass mobilization, and enhance the understanding of culture and customs and practices of each country in order to enhance the close solidarity between people of three countries.

He also wished that with the direction and support from leaders of three countries, the agriculture and farmers’ life of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is becoming more and more developed. Mr. Thao Xuan Sung also thanked the leaders of the Party, State and leaders of Lam Dong Province for creating favorable conditions for the Program to succeed successfully.
T.H - Translated by Hoa Mai
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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