During the mission organized by FFF in Bac Kan, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Vu Tien Sy, An Binh Commune, Lac Thuy District - a member of commune FFF core group in Hoa Binh province, enthusiasts talk about how to become rich.
Thanks to the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF)
11:10 - 30/05/2020
Thanks to his eagerness to learn, love his work and the support from FFF, Mr. Vu Tien Sy is now a typical person in his community. 

Through many years of working experiences, he realized that raising Lac Thuy chicken in an organic way is suitable to the local soil and climate, and at the same time can bring higher income than other farming/crops or breeding and indigenous chickens have good weather resistance, suitable for raising all 4 seasons of the year, the time to raise broilers is about 4 - 4.5 months, reaching a weight of 2 kg or more for the meat quality is aromatic, sweet and easy to raise, suitable for household and farm scale.

At the end of 2018, he boldly invested in the barn to raise 4,000 organic chickens under the forest canopy. However, in the first stage of raising chickens, he encountered difficulties because he had no experience in chicken care and prevention.
With a diligent nature, hard work, learning by doing, especially with the support of the FFF program in 2019, he successed to raise 4,000 chickens, earned an income of VND 190 million and continued to remain effective in subsequent broilers.

In addition to winning the chicken herd development, Mr. Sy is also enthusiastically talking about how to make micro-organic chicken manure. He was so passionate about his work that his wife sometimes mistook him for someone else.

Now, whenever Mr. Vu Tien Sy is mentioned, many local farmers take his heart to follow. From practical operations and through support of the FFF program, he was trusted to join the core group.

With the efforts, Mr. Sy boldly attended training courses to improve production knowledge, study tours, market research, product marketing of FFF Program and call households families participate in establishing cooperatives.

Through roundtable discussion with local authorities and efforts of farmer households, in November 2019, Hai Dang High-tech Organic Agriculture Cooperative was officially registratered and he is one of 62 members of the cooperative.

Mr. Sy said: With the new model of cooperatives, 62 members of cooperatives joined together to produce commercial chickens in organic manner with a comprehensive process, from the production of breeders to the selling of commercial chickens. Therefore, it is proactive to provide seed sources for livestock farmers in cooperatives and non-cooperatives, innovating the production of professionalism in the breeding process, thereby creating momentum in developing and expanding the scale..

The cooperative has newly signed many contracts with the hotel and restaurant system and 150 sales points in provinces such as Ninh Binh, Thai Binh and Hai Phong. In addition, we also delivere to many rural wholesale markets and other super market. On average, each member of the cooperative raises about 5,000-7,000 heads/household, the cooperative provides from 1,000 to 1,200 chickens a day to help the farming households have a stable income. It is estimated that, with the average market price of chicken from VND 85,000 to VND 90,000/kg, the scarcity time may reach VND 100,000/kg, after deducting expenses, member households gain an interest of VND 40 - 50 million/1,000 heads.

 After nearly one year of efforts and being supported by the Forest and Farm Support Program (FFF), Mr. Vu Tien Sy and members of Hai Dang High-Tech Cooperative, An Binh Commune, Lac Thuy District have had making positive contributions to local socio-economic development, especially job creation for rural workers in order to change mindsets and improve productivity for people in production under forest canopy to generate stable income.
Hai Huong translated by Pham Tai Thang
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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