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Accelerate the implementation of the coordination program between the VNFU and the Son La Provincial Party Committee in 2023
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(VNFU Portal) – That is one of the guiding opinions of the Vice Chairwoman of VNFU (VNFU) Cao Xuan Thu Van during the working session with the delegation of Son La province that took place yesterday afternoon (April 4), in Hanoi. The meeting aimed to evaluate the results and progress of the coordination program between the VNFU and the Son La Provincial Party Committee in the period of 2022-2025; implementation plan of the Joint Program in 2023.

The scene of the working session

Attending the meeting, on the Son La side, there were Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee as the leader of the delegation; representatives of leaders of departments, branches and representatives of some enterprises and cooperatives of the province. On the side of VNFU, there are representatives of leaders of relevant departments and units.

At the meeting, reporting on the progress and results of the coordination program between the two units, Chairman of Son La Provincial FU, Luong Trung Hieu said: Implementing the coordination program No. 12 between the VNFU and the Son La Provincial People's Committee in the period of 2022-2025; Plan No. 580 of the VNFU; Plan No. 158 of the Son La Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial FU has promoted the propaganda work and brought about positive effects.

Accordingly, the provincial media and press agencies regularly propagated the Party's guidelines, the State's and the province's policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas on the media, forums, conferences, seminars. The Provincial FU focuses on directing the propagation of advanced models and examples of farmers with good economic production and advanced model in new rural construction; propagate, introduce and promote OCOP products and the province's new rural construction program, which are posted on the websites of agencies and units in the province.

Notably, implementing Directive No. 22 of the Standing Committee of the Provincial FU on leadership of People's Congresses at all levels up to the 10th National Congress of Son La Provincial FU, term 2023-2028, the Provincial FU has directing FUs at all levels to implement documents and guidelines on organization of Farmers’ Union congresses at all levels. As of April 3, 2,247/2,247 branches of the FUs have completed the congress (reaching 100%); There are 146/99 commune-level FUs successfully organizing the congress (reaching 73%), while 53 FUs are expected to complete the congress in the first quarter of 2023.

Besides, FUs at all levels in the province are often interested in the planning, training, arrangement and use of cadres; coordinate in organizing training and retraining courses to raise awareness and skills for members and farmers; organize activities to promote, introduce, link, support the trading of agricultural products... At the same time, the FUs actively implements the construction of projects in the coordination program such as: Organizing working groups to survey Field observations, selection of areas to build high-tech agricultural areas; building material areas for processing plants by 2025; build the model new rural village; building cooperative along the value chain…

Participating in the meeting, the delegates made suggestions for some specific activities in the coordination program between the two units to be implemented in 2023. One of the focused contents that is the formula of coordination program’s contents implementation , formula of the cooperation in the construction of the introduction and trading points of agricultural products of Son La province at the VNFU office, the VNFU Cadres School, the headquarters of the Rural Farmers Support Center in the provinces and cities.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong affirmed: Provincial leaders at all levels pay great attention to promoting the agricultural economic development of the province. In the past time, the achievements in the agricultural sector of the province have been recognized and appreciated by the central agencies. Son La is considered a province with orientation and vision in agricultural economic development.

Son La is currently the locality with the largest area of ​​fruit tree plantation in the North and the second in the country with more than 82,000 hectares. Currently, Son La is in the harvest season of fruits such as strawberries, plums, mangoes, longans, avocados, etc. Estimated output from mangoes and longans is over 100,000 tons.

Currently, the Provincial People's Committee is also focused on implementing programs in coordination with ministries, departments, branches of VNFU and provinces; including the signing program with the VNFU, Vietnam Agricultural Academy, Ministry of Industry and Trade..., in order to promote the organization of fairs and booths programs to promote and introduce and sell agricultural products of the province.

In the near future, Son La province will coordinate with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to organize a number of major events to promote, introduce, connect to help the trading of safe agricultural products, OCOP products of Son La province. For example: Organize an event named "Son La in the heart of Hanoi" in the pedestrian street of Hanoi; brand identity week "Son La Colors in Ho Chi Minh City"; organized weekly at BigC supermarket in Hanoi…” - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong said.

Concluding the meeting, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van was delighted and highly appreciated the achievements in the agricultural field of Son La province; recognized the results achieved in the coordination program between VNFU and Son La province over the past time.

In order to support Son La farmers to continue to strengthen the promotion, introduction and trading of agricultural products, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van directed the Farmers and Rural Support Center (VNFU) actively coordinate with Son La to survey and build points to introduce and sell agricultural products; at the same time agree on the time to organize upcoming events in Hanoi city and provinces; agree on the method of implementation as the Son La province and VNFU proposed.

Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van asked the Board of Directors of the Center for Farmers and Rural Support to quickly review the locations of its branches to report to the VNFU on the operation plan. For example, at the Center branch location in Phu Yen, it is necessary to check whether the facilities are eligible to organize a product display booth.

"This is a large-scale nationwide activity, it is suggested that the departments and units consider this a political task, soon have a plan to speed up the coordination with Son La province" - Vice Chairman Cao Xuan Thu Van emphasized.

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